Thursday, October 23, 2008

People suck, but I have the world's most wonderful boyfriend

So on Tuesday while I was working to load-in Neil Diamond, some jerk walked of with my backpack, including my purse and a whole lot of knitting.  One thing was a baby gift I was rushing to finish for a shower that in just over a week.  The other things were Christmas presents.  I was more mad about the knitting than anything else.  I was really hoping they would just take the wallet or purse and ditch the bag full of yarn and needles and knitting books.  They really don't need or probably even want my yarn.  Jerk.

So anyway, while I was at my office yesterday my really wonderful boyfriend went to Loops and bought everything he could remember and identify from my backpack so I could start the baby gift again and have the christmas present yarn.  And then he got me a gift card to get the needles and other little things he couldn't be sure of.  He even found the book I was using for the baby pattern.  Ben is wonderfulawesomeamazingspectacular!  

So I have a lot of knitting ahead of me, some of it a bit tedious, I will admit, but I have the comfort of knowing that I have a wonderful man who understands me and supports me and cares about my obsessive hobby and my mental health.  And who is brave enough to walk into a yarn store alone.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have started making lists, both of presents to give and what I want. As always, I got a late start. And as always, there is so much more I want to make than I have time for. This having to work at work thing really puts a crimp in my knitting style. And there are so many knitting things on my christmas list, I know I won't get them all. Shelley's friend Wendy's new book is on my christmas list, as well as the KnitPicks Harmony wood needles and some sock blockers. Yarn is always a welcome present too. The list of other pattern books I want is so long someone might think I was starting my own library. That new Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders book looks like it will be awesome, I love the first two. I have made a number of gifts from their patterns. I would love to knit Riley a little sweater this winter, but only if he can get to wear he doesn't mind wearing clothes. I'd hate to make him one and have him tear it up. Oh, back to christmas, I want to make stockings for my house. This will be my first Christmas in my own house and I want to hang stockings that I knit from the mantle. So if anyone has or knows of any neat christmas stocking patterns (free ones unless they are just soooooo cool you can't stand it, I'm on a budget), let me know. :-)

I guess I should do some work. Gotta support the yarn habit.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tunic and Gaiter Pics

Here is the Tunic, finally.  Its not exactly what I wanted/pictures.  The neck is too wide to wear it by itself, so it will have to be layered over something, but it is kind of flowy.  I was really just looking for something hippie-style to lounge in, so we'll see.  There are still a few ends hidden on the inside that I haven't tucked in yet.  By the time I get around to that it will probably be cold here.  Oh well.
Below are gaiters number 1, 2 & 3.  I still have a fourth one to make.  Its going to be all green, I think.  The cashmerino is sooooo nice too work with and hopefully the guys will think its nice to wear.  :-)
And this is poor Riley dressed up in his Halloween shirt.  He's not sure how he feels about wearing clothes.  Its getting colder in the morning though and he doesn't seem to like to be cold much, so maybe he'll take to the clothes more as the temperature drops.  I hope so, because I'd like to knit him a little sweater.  :-)  
Not a whole lot else going on.  Working on trying to finish a number of things and thinking about what there is still time to make people for christmas.  Its ridiculous how much time flies.