Saturday, January 29, 2011

And a Girly Afternoon Was Had By All

 I spent my morning baking pretty things to take to the girly afternoon.  Yummy cherry chip cakelets with cherry icing.  Although they weren't as perfect as I wanted them to be, they were delicious.  And they were made with applesauce and egg beaters, so they weren't too terribly bad for you.  :-)  Perfect for a girly afternoon, right?

We all had out make-up done (it was a lovely Mary Kay party) so the girls agree to model for me.  Yay!!!  So below are a ton of pictures of my awesome friends sporting my knitwear!  (and even one of me).  I have now updated all the etsy listings to include modeled photos, which should make it much easier for people to figure out what things will look like on.  And it felt so good to have all of my stuff oohed and ahhed over.  Thanks, girls!!  Enjoy the pics!

Friday, January 28, 2011

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On Hair - Warning, photo heavy

This is the most cooperative my hair has ever been:
 I think it is mostly because Raven is a genius and partly because it was up and shellacked to my head.
 See how it stays?  good hair!

But almost every morning I fight with it.  You'd think I would maybe start listening to those people who say I should just cut it off because fine hair will always be impossible, but the thought of cutting it off just makes me sad.  
 I am obsessed with hair dooeys.  Like this headband from Gleeful Peacock.  I try and use hair dooeys to make my hair more cooperative.  Some days it works and some days my hair just slides right out of everything.
 My hair is generally most cooperative when it is up, so I tell myself every morning before I go get dress that I will just put it up and not mess with its uncooperative fineness.
 A teeny weenie bun is the one thing my hair does well.
 Ponytails always get a bit stringy, maybe I'll learn to pay attention to that during the day and stop and brush it out 50,000 times.  Hmmm, or not.  See, I'm the chick who picks out her lipstick in the morning and throws it in her purse thinking she'll reappply later, but never does.  Never.  And I repeat this process frequently.  Not every morning, but a lot of them.  Isn't that the definition of insanity?  
 See the uncooperative hair?  Ok, it may have been helped out (a lot) by a really giant fan.
 There we go without the fan's help.
 ooh, stringy!  Ok, that was on a boat after an 11 hour plane ride and a drive through Nadi.
Doesn't matter how much body I try and pump in to it when I fix it, it just falls flat within half an hour.  Harumph.

If you have really fine hair, let me know what products you love, what you hate and all that.  Maybe I'll find something new to try.

I'm approaching a significant birthday in about a month.  We'll not talk about the actual number, just know it's significant.  I'm not sure what this has to do with uncooperative hair, but when I was asleep connecting the dots, it made total sense.  Eventually the days of not actually having to put makeup on will be gone and maybe one day I will get better about the lipstick thing.  Maybe one day I will get better at doing my own hair.  Ha!  It would be nice to practice enough to french braid my own hair, but its so slippery it just slides right out of my fingers when I try.  

If my hair ever looks awesome its because my mother did it.  Or Raven the genius.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hat Swap

Please forgive all the phone pics coming up in this post.  

Ok, so there are these cute kids I know and last year I made them hats for their birthdays.  
 See the cuteness in the hats?  They loved them.  (seriously)
 But as kids are want to do, they grew.
 So now I have made a deal with them (and their parents) to accommodate all that growing and still let them be the coolest kids at school with their awesome hats.  That hat swap I mentioned a little while back?  Yep, these hats inspired it.  So the hat above
 Was swapped for this new hat.  Which I am told she loves!!  :-)  Yay!
 And this little guy
 Got swapped for this one.  Wait, that isn't the kid, thats his dad.  Yup, the dad stole the hat.  How rude.  But I guess its a compliment to me that he wanted his own.
So here is the dad's new hat that I made Ben model for a quick pic.  He loved it so much that as soon as I texted the pic to them he drove over to pick it up.  :-)

I mentioned this before, but the hats I get back through the hat swap are going to be staying with me.  No resale there.  I think its a great way to collect hand knits for my future kids and keep those things I worked so hard on from ending up who knows where.

I still have a long list of requested hats.  If I haven't gotten to you yet, I'm sorry!  Hopefully I can get a lot done this weekend.  I have started carrying a notebook around to write down requests but also to outline new pattern ideas and things that pop into my head because the list of requests is long enough I might forget the ideas I had of things to make for my shop.  :-)

And I really want to RAoK a few people this year, I just need to carve out the time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Books!

I'm so excited, I got two new knitting books in that mail yesterday!!  The first one is Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders.  Its 101 patterns to make with sock yarn, which is awesome because I often fall deeply in love with sock yarns, but I don't always have enough follow through to knit socks.  Sure, the book actually has sock yarn patterns in it, but it also has hats, gloves, scarves, children's accessories, shawls, etc.  There are even some fantastic purses, all made of sock yarn.

The second book I got in the mail yesterday is Modern Top-Down Knitting.  I am in LOVE.  I know from poking around on Ravelry that I would love this book, but I REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK.  I want to make everything in it.  I even mentally went through my stash figuring out what I have that I could start with.  I actually have the recommended yarn for one of the hats in there, so I think I might start there.  The skirts and dresses are my real love though.  At some point this year, I will have to stop and knit something for me.  I didn't actually get around to starting the fingerless gloves that I mentioned I wanted to start over the weekend.  Oh well.  And now I have a long list of requests (which is good) and a couple surprises I need to prepare for, so I don't know when I will get around to that.

Back to books.  I wish I was wealthy enough to have a library.  One with a big comfy chair or two and a fireplace.  I envy people who have libraries.  To be surrounded by books all the time would be amazing.  I think people who think libraries are for show and status symbols are ridiculous though.  A home library needs to be welcoming and comfy and peaceful and needs to encourage reading.  My library would be an odd assortment of silly fiction and a large section of knitting books with Ben's motorcycle and woodworking books thrown in somewhere.  I know that you can get a lot of patterns on-line and you can get e-readers and all kinds of other modern who-ha, but I just love books.  Actual, tangible, made of paper books.

What is your favorite book of all time?
If you knit, what is your favorite knitting book ever?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rhys's Pieces

Here is a peek at the hooded scarf I have been working on.  Its toddler size and I think its pretty cute.
 I haven't gotten the mittens done yet.  One is mostly done, I stalled for a bit in deciding exactly how much "room to grow" I wanted to leave in them.  
 I finally decided on putting buttons on the ends of the scarf and attaching the mittens to i-cords that would attach to the buttons.  This will allow the mittens to be swapped out for bigger ones as he grows, since I assume the hooded scarf will fit longer than the mittens will, or for the mittens to just be removed entirely if they are becoming a nuisance.  
I took copious notes as I was knitting this hooded scarf and plan to put the full pattern out eventually, but you will have to be patient.  I will link the mitten pattern I am using, but I am not going to reinvent the wheel just to put a mitten pattern with this scarf pattern.  

So that's all I have for now, really.  I do have a couple of other things in progress, hoping to finish up a few commissioned hats this week.  

Keep an eye out next month for some giveaways I will be doing on a couple other people's blogs.  I also hope to get to host a few giveaways from blog friends here.  I have on lined up for February, I think, so stay tuned, I think that should be a lot of fun.  

Don't forget about the January Picture Promotion.  January is almost over!  In February I will be having a referral promotion, more details on that soon.  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Contest Winner

Using a random number generator, the winner is comment number 10!!

Blogger Julia said...

Do I really have to choose? I love the regular guy hat for its many changing shades depending on the background. If I have to choose.

Your awesome Farm Girl Fiber sock yarn will be on it's way to your shortly!  Please let us all know what you end up making with it.  :-)

Congratulations Julia!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Fancy Teacup

Totally not knitting related, but take a moment to go here and vote for Jamie for the next big style blogger.  She's a petite little thing from Tulsa, so definitely show your support if you are local.  Jamie's blog is The Fancy Teacup and she always has great outfit posts and its fun to see the great pictures she gets around Tulsa and when she is traveling.

Just as an aside, Jamie won the gift basket that Farm Girl Fiber and SomerKnits gave away at Indie Emporium.  :-)

Just a Saturday

I tend to be pretty lazy on Saturday unless someone plans something for me.  I mean, typically I get up and check to see if there is anything interesting out there in internet world while the dogs eat and then fight over lap space.  Once I have finished scouring internet land for interesting tidbits I usually pick up whatever knitting project I left laying on the coffee table Friday night.  (yep, cause that is how exciting I am on Friday night)  See, without being prodded, we're homebodies.  I like relaxing at home.  We have two sweet and snuggley dogs and I have a giant yarn stash.  What more could you ask for?  Anyhow, back to Saturdays.  Eventually I eat some breakfast and I knit some more and sometimes I manage to tear myself away from the knitting long enough to clean something or cook something.  Its hard though.  

Sometimes I do wish I got out more on the weekends.  Not all the time, mind you, but I would really like to do some antiquing and just generally make more plans with friends rather than hermiting at home all the time.  (btw- if anyone wants to go antiquing with me let me know, I can't drag Ben along for that.  It would be rude since I refuse to watch sports on tv and I bet antiquing would be his sports on tv equivalent)  

Yesterday was nice because a really good friend stayed over Friday night and on Saturday we actually got out of the house and went to the Riverwalk to meet another old friend and do something we hadn't done in years.  The three of us had coffee and just talked for a few hours, it was great. 
 Btw, do not go to the Kaffe Bona on the Riverwalk if you are hungry.  The pickings are pathetic and we couldn't even finish out "nachos."

While I had made fantastic progress on Rhys's hooded scarf Friday night and Saturday morning, it was a little too involved of a project to drag out to the coffee shop and carry on a good conversation while working on, so I grabbed yarn and needles and worked on something I had been thinking about for a while and sketched out in my little notebook.

It's a child's M/L ponytail hat with a bow.
 See?  This is the back.

I think it's fun and I hope other people will too.  I plan to make a few different sizes and different colors, this is just the first.  I really need a child to model it for me.  If you want to volunteer your child and they have long enough hair to go in a ponytail, hit me up.  

Speaking of models, I would really like to get some more modeled shots of my stuff so people can get a better idea of what it looks like on.  Call, text, or e-mail if you are interested in modeling for me.  I always need ladies, but I also need the occasional guy and kiddos.  And since I am not the most awesome photographer in the world, if you would rather volunteer your photography skills than your modeling, I can work with that too.

So, now for some lazy Sunday, which is like a take 2 of lazy Saturday.  Who knows, maybe I'll get out of the house sometime today.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I really, really want to do this weekend

Day dreaming about all the things I want to do this weekend.  I'll let you know if I manage to get them all done.

1. Finish or make really good progress on Rhys's hooded scarf.
2. Pick a pattern and start fingerless gloves for myself with yellow, gold & brown FGF yarn.  My hands get so cold at work!
3. Make some shrinky-dink buttons.  Yep, I bought some srinky paper and I want to break out the colored pencils and make some buttons!  I have some cute ideas, I think.  Especially for little kid stuff.  I hope they come out the way I picture them in my head.
4. Clean more in my craft room.  It's such a mess.  During the week this week I worked on unburying the craft table at the end of the room, now I would like to work on unburying my desk.  It's a big job.
5. Watch Toy Story 3.  I got it in the mail like 2 weeks ago, but things have been nuts and we haven't watched it yet.
6. Put away the laundry.  Not glamorous, but its got to be done.
7. Make cajun 15 bean soup with sausage from Chico.  It takes many hours to make so I either need to be home or put it in the slow cooker.  It also makes well over a gallon of soup.  Delicious with corn bread.
8. Sleep.

What do you really want to get done this weekend?  Hmmm, maybe I should throw bubble bath on the end of my list...

A pair of hats and a Sneak Peek

For most people, except me, yesterday was a snow day.  
 Brrrrr.  Yeah, I know it was pretty and all, but also soooo cold.  
 I did use my time waiting on a ride wisely.  (I know I am a wuss, but I'm still not going to drive in it)
 I tucked in all the ends on Emerson's Ice Cream Hat.  This is one of a pair of hats I was asked to make to replace the ones that I gave these kids last year that they have already out grown!  Geez, kids.  These next two may be a tiny bit big, but they should last them a little while.
 Emerson's Ice Cream Hat is a basic roll brim hat.  Hopefully it is long enough to cover her ears.

In the car I worked on this:
 I finished the Devin hat in the evening, correctly sized this time.  I went a little farther with the grey in the top section this time, can't decide which way I like it better.  Anyhow, I think they both look good and I hope the kids like them.  It's so awesome when kids like what you knit them.  It can be hard, sometimes, to figure out what they will like from one minute to the next, but it feels good when they do like it.

Because I hate to see a good hand knit go to waste, if your child out grows a hand knit hat (preferably one that I made) and you don't plan to save it for other children or whatever, don't give it to goodwill, send it back to me and for just $10 I will send you a new hat in the correct size for your kiddo.  (even if your kiddo is now grown).  Hats must be in good condition to qualify and only basic hat patterns qualify for the new hat.  We can work out a different price if you want something more complicated.  These hats will not be resold, they will be put away for my future offspring.  What fun stories some of their hats might have!  

Next is a sneak peek of a hooded toddler scarf for Rhys.
 Now I know its still on the needles and there is yarn everywhere, but I was trying to get a picture of the basic pattern that is starting to form.  This will be a scarf for a little boy with an attached hood and mittens on the ends of the scarf.  :-)   I'm hoping it will be long enough, I didn't exactly swatch.  I'm fairly certain it will be.  
Hmm, not sure you can tell too much better in this close up, but I think in just a few more rows a very distinct pattern will become obvious.  There are more colors to be worked in as I go.  I wanted bright and happy for a toddler and enough fun color to make it go with pretty much everything.  Although I am pretty sure that most toddlers care much more about being warm than about their clothes coordinating.  I am taking this with me in the car today as I, once again, get a ride to work.  I wish I got snow days.  Alas, no rest for the wicked.