Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just a Saturday

I tend to be pretty lazy on Saturday unless someone plans something for me.  I mean, typically I get up and check to see if there is anything interesting out there in internet world while the dogs eat and then fight over lap space.  Once I have finished scouring internet land for interesting tidbits I usually pick up whatever knitting project I left laying on the coffee table Friday night.  (yep, cause that is how exciting I am on Friday night)  See, without being prodded, we're homebodies.  I like relaxing at home.  We have two sweet and snuggley dogs and I have a giant yarn stash.  What more could you ask for?  Anyhow, back to Saturdays.  Eventually I eat some breakfast and I knit some more and sometimes I manage to tear myself away from the knitting long enough to clean something or cook something.  Its hard though.  

Sometimes I do wish I got out more on the weekends.  Not all the time, mind you, but I would really like to do some antiquing and just generally make more plans with friends rather than hermiting at home all the time.  (btw- if anyone wants to go antiquing with me let me know, I can't drag Ben along for that.  It would be rude since I refuse to watch sports on tv and I bet antiquing would be his sports on tv equivalent)  

Yesterday was nice because a really good friend stayed over Friday night and on Saturday we actually got out of the house and went to the Riverwalk to meet another old friend and do something we hadn't done in years.  The three of us had coffee and just talked for a few hours, it was great. 
 Btw, do not go to the Kaffe Bona on the Riverwalk if you are hungry.  The pickings are pathetic and we couldn't even finish out "nachos."

While I had made fantastic progress on Rhys's hooded scarf Friday night and Saturday morning, it was a little too involved of a project to drag out to the coffee shop and carry on a good conversation while working on, so I grabbed yarn and needles and worked on something I had been thinking about for a while and sketched out in my little notebook.

It's a child's M/L ponytail hat with a bow.
 See?  This is the back.

I think it's fun and I hope other people will too.  I plan to make a few different sizes and different colors, this is just the first.  I really need a child to model it for me.  If you want to volunteer your child and they have long enough hair to go in a ponytail, hit me up.  

Speaking of models, I would really like to get some more modeled shots of my stuff so people can get a better idea of what it looks like on.  Call, text, or e-mail if you are interested in modeling for me.  I always need ladies, but I also need the occasional guy and kiddos.  And since I am not the most awesome photographer in the world, if you would rather volunteer your photography skills than your modeling, I can work with that too.

So, now for some lazy Sunday, which is like a take 2 of lazy Saturday.  Who knows, maybe I'll get out of the house sometime today.

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Katie said...

Ughhh I hate Kaffe Bona. A really nice group of ladies meets at the one at 91st and Yale, but I can't bring myself to attend regularly. I loooove your pony-tail hats, they're so cute!