Friday, January 28, 2011

On Hair - Warning, photo heavy

This is the most cooperative my hair has ever been:
 I think it is mostly because Raven is a genius and partly because it was up and shellacked to my head.
 See how it stays?  good hair!

But almost every morning I fight with it.  You'd think I would maybe start listening to those people who say I should just cut it off because fine hair will always be impossible, but the thought of cutting it off just makes me sad.  
 I am obsessed with hair dooeys.  Like this headband from Gleeful Peacock.  I try and use hair dooeys to make my hair more cooperative.  Some days it works and some days my hair just slides right out of everything.
 My hair is generally most cooperative when it is up, so I tell myself every morning before I go get dress that I will just put it up and not mess with its uncooperative fineness.
 A teeny weenie bun is the one thing my hair does well.
 Ponytails always get a bit stringy, maybe I'll learn to pay attention to that during the day and stop and brush it out 50,000 times.  Hmmm, or not.  See, I'm the chick who picks out her lipstick in the morning and throws it in her purse thinking she'll reappply later, but never does.  Never.  And I repeat this process frequently.  Not every morning, but a lot of them.  Isn't that the definition of insanity?  
 See the uncooperative hair?  Ok, it may have been helped out (a lot) by a really giant fan.
 There we go without the fan's help.
 ooh, stringy!  Ok, that was on a boat after an 11 hour plane ride and a drive through Nadi.
Doesn't matter how much body I try and pump in to it when I fix it, it just falls flat within half an hour.  Harumph.

If you have really fine hair, let me know what products you love, what you hate and all that.  Maybe I'll find something new to try.

I'm approaching a significant birthday in about a month.  We'll not talk about the actual number, just know it's significant.  I'm not sure what this has to do with uncooperative hair, but when I was asleep connecting the dots, it made total sense.  Eventually the days of not actually having to put makeup on will be gone and maybe one day I will get better about the lipstick thing.  Maybe one day I will get better at doing my own hair.  Ha!  It would be nice to practice enough to french braid my own hair, but its so slippery it just slides right out of my fingers when I try.  

If my hair ever looks awesome its because my mother did it.  Or Raven the genius.


SheezKrafty said...

We totally have the same hair! I've learned some tricks along the way but they typically take much more time than I'm willing to shell out for just hair! Although one that I will do more often than others is leaving it up in a towel for a bit longer than normal, then putting volumizing gel and blow drying upside down. That will give me a hint of more volume. (I'm sure nobody else can tell a difference but I can! Ha!)

sarah said...

my hair is also really fine. i find that it fixes better when it's slightly dirty. and i never had volume until i cut it short. the length weighed it down. also use a leave in foam conditioner instead of an in-the-shower conditioner. and that wen shampoo actually works pretty well, if you are willing to spend that kind of money on shampoo :)

nekkidknitter said...

Yup, slightly dirty does help. But a little product can mimic that. I like Paul Mitchell Fast Foam - it's really light and smells great. I also keep a brush in my desk at work and try to at least remember to brush it out when I get back from lunch. And, yeah, it would help a little if it weren't so long...but I don't blame you for not wanting to cut it, because it's beautiful!

Holly said...

I have the opposite problem. My hair is thick, heavy, and wavy. Most of the products I use are to thin it down a little, so they probably wouldn't be of much use to you. But I just have to say that no matter what your hair looks like, you are one gorgeous chick! Seriously girl, looking at these photos I was just thinking to myself "Man, Somer is so pretty!" You are doing quite alright with that fine hair of yours! ;-)