Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adventure to the Lake

Yesterday we took the puppies to the lake and helped my parents work on a couple things.
 I think they really enjoyed getting out of the house and it was a really nice day for it.   Ripley enjoyed lounging somewhere new.
 And Riley thought the shelf below the island in the kitchen was there just for him.
 We took a walk with the big puppies.
 And spent some time looking at the water.
 There were many new things to sniff.
 Including each other.
 Riley says he'll go back any time.
 While we were up there I tucked in the ends on this giant cowl and we took some quick photos.  
 Please excuse the very utilitarian lake clothes.  Lake clothes are for warmth and working, not style.  
I really do love this cowl of epic proportions.  Laid flat it measures 25" by 13", but as soon as you put it on it makes itself much longer.
 It is fantastically warm and cozy. I listed it in my etsy shop this morning.
 While I was outside I snapped a shot of my Regular Guy hat in natural light to see if you could see the color better.  I do think it helped.
 Inside I snapped a quick pic of  hiding in the cowl.

After the lake was K1D2 with the lovely Tulsa Knitters.  As always, we had a great time.  We celebrated Rori's birthday and knit and ate too much and laughed a lot.  I had known it was going to be cold at the lake and had worn the hand knit socks below with my boots to keep my feet warm, but at K1D2 I took my boots off and told people that since Kelli couldn't be with us, I had brought her in sock form.  :-)
Thanks again, Kelli, for these awesome socks.  I LOVE them and if you ever feel the urge you can knit me socks anytime.  Hand knit socks are THE BEST.

I did also get a hat knit up to and from the lake, although it came out bigger than intended, so I will have to make another one.  Pics of that later.  Last night at K1D2 I cast on for something that had been rolling around in my head for a while and I think it will turn out great.  I like it so far and I will post the very basic pattern instructions with pictures once it is done.  Basically, its a 2 color moebius that I think will be pretty in its simplicity.  

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