Monday, July 29, 2013


I have a new post up on the Babywearing Around Tulsa blog!  We had a great time with a tester wrap that travelled through last week.

In knitting news I attended Fiber Christmas in July at the Creek County Fair Grounds this weekend.  I got to see many of my fiber friends and even an old friend from high school.  It was great to get to hang out and even knit a while.  I busted out an Acorn Head in a squishy cream colored wool blend.  I'll need to get a picture up soon!

Also gearing up for Gyspy Market in Kansas City this coming weekend.  If you are in the area come out to visit me!!  Event details can be found here.  I will be bringing along the wares of a few friends from make:Tulsa; Blue Marble Market, Tulsa Teethers, Byrd Handmade and Weather & Noise.  Its should be a fun and exciting weekend and I am really looking forward to it.  I have spent most evenings the last couple of weeks busting out dryer balls as fast as I can! 

In other super awesome news, but not knitting related, I am going to Houston in August to attend the Babywearing Institute class being held there.  I am really excited and will be going with a couple good friends and fellow Babywearing Around Tulsa admins.  I am doing a lot of fundraising and if you are interested in supporting or sponsoring me, just shoot me an email.

Much to do, gotta go!