Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I am currently super excited about

The giant pop-up light box that I got from my father-in-law for my birthday.  Its huge and awesome but folds down to teeny.

My new business cards and stamp that came in the mail yesterday!
Card design also courtesy of my father-in-law.

Being out at Persimmon Hollow one more weekend!

ARF's Peace, Love & Crafts the weekend after!  I will be remind you a lot about this one.  IT is out at the fairgrounds in the Central Park Hall building on April 9th and it is free to get in!  Open 9a-5p, so you should definitely come visit me and Gleeful Peacock and Bohemian Romance and Bifftastica.  Oh, and I will have some Ceasars Sweets in my booth in case you get a mid-show chocolate craving.

Oh, and the weekend after that there is this cool thing called Polishing the Pearl which I will get back to you with more details about.  :-)

This new Raspberry Scone coffee I bought at Target.  Yes, I happen to like Target's Archers Farms brand coffee.

Its thursday, which means its almost friday.  The lovely weather man says the warm is supposed to be coming back starting today.  Then tomorrow is supposed to be absolutely beautiful and it is supposed to stay that way all through the weekend and hopefully for the rest of spring, but you just never can tell.

A good friend moved in to my neighborhood and is having a house warming party on Saturday.  Good friends and good food, what more can you ask for?

What things are you currently super excited about?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Tuesday again!

Our little booth at Persimmon Hollow this past weekend.  I know I have posted this picture already, but it was seriously the center of my universe this last week and we extended for one more weekend, so I'm still excited about it.

I know I just posted this picture last night, but I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed knitting up these turban style headbands.  I was having such a hard time with spring inspiration, then all of a sudden it struck and now I can't be stopped.  I knit them in different colors, different designs, different sizes, etc.  Some are cotton blends and some are soft fluffy yarns.  They are just so much fun and so many variations are possible.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Knitting at the Hollow, More Turban Style Headbands

While Holly and Shannon and I were out at Persimmon Hollow, I had some time sitting in the back of the booth to knit.  I worked on a few more Turban Style Headbands, I even have on of these mustard colored ones already listed in my etsy shop.
 I'm seeing this mustard color and the turban silhouette everywhere these days and I think the combo of the two is particularly awesome.
 Do you like my cone of yarn as a model.  :-)  She was very cooperative and held the pose a really long time and I worked on getting some good shots.
(one of these mustard ones sold pretty much right away, so I made a second one as quick as I could!)
 This next on has a bow made in the same yarn sewn down.  It is a subtle but cute accent, I think.  This headband is a purple and green twist and really, really soft.

It had been a really long day by the time this pic was taken.  :-P  

I also made this really cool brown one that looped back on itself but totally forgot to take a picture of it and now it is locked up in our booth until next weekend.  Thats right, we extended our stay at Persimmon Hollow for one more weekend.  We are hoping for better weather, so if you live around Tulsa and didn't make it out this past weekend, you have another chance!

I apologize ahead of time for what is sure to be irregular posting for the remainder of tax season.  I will try and keep on top of it, but I know that there will be days I just can't.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Persimmon Hollow Recap - Day 1

I just want to start off by saying that I love our little store front.  I really think we used this booth space well and I love how everyone's things flow together well.  Also, if you are interested as you read this, there is still time to come see us!  I know we were all disappointed by the turn in the weather, but our building is HEATED!  So if you want to come out, know that you will not be freezing the entire time.  Pretty much every shop in the Hollow is heated.

Without further ado:
 How cute is that?  Our things are so colorful!
 We have actually rearranged a bit since the pictures.  The table is now all the way against the wall, which opens it up a ton.  As you can see, for the most part we mixed our things together.
 There is a large display of Gleeful Peacock on this side, which definitely attracted a lot of attention.
 On this wall you can see a big display of Weather and Noise along the shelves.  Angora Jane's colorful roving hung from the front cage wall and many people came in to touch the pretty softness.  
Many of my cowls hung from the other side of the cage and I scattered hat stands around the booth to show off the shape of some of my favorite hats.  You can also see Holly's jewelry and Shannon's chocolates scattered about.

 Here my headbands and a flower pot of Shannon's colorful white chocolate suckers commingle.  
 More pretty white chocolate flower suckers.  I love how she displays them in colorful flower pots.  At only $1.25 they are a totally affordable little treat.  (I did end up buying one little baggy of white chocolates.  They are shaped like giant aspirin tablets and actually say Aspirin on them)
 More cowls and roving!
 My view from the corner.  Shannon and Holly and I sandwiched ourselves behind the booth most of the day, although we each took turns running around to look at other shops.  I did end up getting a few things to add to my display, I am totally excited for the ARF show and all my new display stuff!
 This cutie patooty came to visit us in the middle of the day.  Look at her modeling one of my baby bonnets.  Isn't she the cutest!  Well, I am going to make her one in either green or blue and a tad bit bigger because the ones in the booth are infant - 6 month size and she needs one a bit bigger than that.
You may remember her sweet face because she owns one of my blue baby pinch hats and a giant pin Sunshine and Carousels flower which she has pinned to the hat and wears with beauty and grace.  :-)

We had a good day of friends and fun and met a number of really nice Red Hat ladies.  We are hoping for another fun day, please don't let the weather keep you away!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pulling out another Pic

I'm linking up again this week with Yellow Songbird's Saturday Snapshot

A number of people put up wedding pictures last weekend.  Well, for those of you new around these parts, I want you to know how much I LOVE my wedding photographers.  
Kokoro Photography is a mother daughter team out of Littleton, Colorado.  The daughter part of the team happens to be a friend of mine from college.  Anyhow, this is my mother's favorite shot of me from that day.  Don't get me wrong, I love it too, but there are so many amazing shots that it is hard to say any particular one is my absolute favorite hands down.  They blogged about the wedding here and there are a ton more pictures.

Happy Saturday!  I am getting ready to head over to Persimmon Hollow soon to meet up with some other Tulsa Makers and hopefully have a fantastic day of both socializing and sales.  If you are in Green Country, come out and see us.  71st & Garnett behind the salvation army.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I want to introduce you to my friend Renee of GreenerMe.

I realized I don't think I have a shot of just her, but that Renee in the middle of this little people triangle. 
Renee makes invitations and paper goods and does a darned good job of it.  If I had know Renee before I got married I probably would have gotten her input on that. (although I still 100% love my wedding invitations, so don't think I am dissing them)  The next time I have a major party she is totally my girl.  You don't have to take my word for her talent, you can see for yourself:
Renee gave me the beautiful array of things as a thank you gift and it totally melted me!  Look at how pretty it all is!  The spools are magnets and the thank you note designs are right up my ally!

You can hit up Renee's blog here.  Here website for her invitations is here.  And her etsy shop can be found here.  Next time you need to buy invitations or thank you notes, you really need to check out what GreenerMe has to offer.

GreenerMe is also one of the participants in this weekend's booth at Persimmon Hollow.  Plan to come?  Everything you need to know can be found here.  Please spread the word to all your fellow Tulsa and BA friends!  If this weekend is a success you might find make:Tulsa spending a lot more time out at Persimmon Hollow.  

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Super Sunday

So it took me a while to get around to this post.  It has been a very busy week and it is going to continue to be a very busy week.  I'm sure you will all forgive me, it being tax season AND spring craft show season and all.  

Sunday was a beautiful and perfect day.  I got all girlified in my new hat and a new sundress.
I had to snap a couple quick pics myself as Ben was at work.

I took my dressed up self and had a lovely outdoor lunch with a really good friend and her wonderfully cute 3 year old.  One of the sweetest kids ever, I swear.  Anyway, we hadn't gotten to hang out much recently so it was great to get to have lunch on the patio at panera on a sunny day.

I also had a wonderful meeting with a bunch of the women of make:Tulsa.  As always, I left this meeting totally revved up and inspired.  These are some of the best people around, seriously.  And don't forget that a bunch of the Tulsa Makers are sharing a booth at Persimmon Hollow this weekend.  Check out the make:Tulsa blog for the big official flyer.  We'll be there 9-5 on Saturday and noon - 5 on Sunday and we are all really excited.  HollyRocks just posted about it again too.  I spent most of last night doing inventory and getting ready.  

Ok, back to Sunday night.  Well, I guess we have to back up farther than that.  See, there was this one night a while ago when Ben was watching way too much food TV and I think it was an episode of No Reservations came on.  They were in Egypt and they were eating this still called Koshari and he decided it looked really good and that we could probably make it.  Well, being the really nice wife that I am I told him that if he found the recipe I would try it.  So he found this recipe.

Little did I know that this dish would be something that takes your entire stove to make.  You see, first you boil your lentils.  Then you drain them, add new water and add rice.  While that cooks you boil water for pasta.  While that cooks you are supposed to be making a tomato sauce in one skillet and sauteing onions in another but geez thats a lot of pots and pans so I sauteed the onions first and set them aside then made the tomato sauce.

The tomato sauce it a vinegar based one but it some how ends up tasting sweet at the same time.  

At some point in all this, when your rice and lentils look about done and all that, you probably want to heat up your 1 cup of boiled chickpeas, which if you are anything like me you got out of a can because there was already waaaaay too much going on on the stove.  

Everything is all ready to layer.  There is a precise order to all this.  Lentils and rice, then pasta, then red sauce then chickpeas then onions.

And once it was all layered and ready we got to have a taste.

I have to stay, I think it was totally worth it.  It was good and warm and filling and relatively healthy because I did NOT use the entire amount of oil the recipe called for. (really, 3/4 cup oil just to brown some onions and saute some garlic is ridiculous.)

I'm really glad I took the time to photograph it all because when we were ready to put the leftovers away we decided just to stir everything together.  It made for easier storage in the fridge, but doesn't look as pretty.  :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Turban Trend

I have posted a lot recently about things I have cooked and things I like and upcoming shows and pretty things, but I haven't talked recently about the things I am knitting.  
On many blogs and in ads I was beginning to see lots of great turban style headbands.  I decided to try my hand at making a few, experimenting a little with design, width, colors, etc.

Here are just a few of what I have going on.  All of these will be at the Persimmon Hollow booth this weekend and then anything left after that will get listed in my etsy shop.

If you are interested in any of them now though, just e-mail me.  This chunky blue one is super soft and towards the wider end of what I have been making.

This mustard yellow is a cotton blend yarn, perfect for spring.  It is also the skinniest style I am currently making.

Self portrait sessions can be hard.  I tweeted, but it seems no one wanted to loan me their head this evening.

When smiling fails, I begin to just make faces.  

This particular one if being donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Tulsa's fundraiser that is coming up, but I do plan to make more like this one.  I am really liking this green color right now.

My little fly away hairs were not always super cooperative during this mini photo shoot.

I had actually already tagged most of these, so ignore the tag hanging there by my face.  I spend a long time sunday evening tagging everything in inventory to take to Persimmon Hollow.  I can't wait!  I really hope it is a ton of fun and a good turn out.

This turquoise is a nice medium width, light weight and very soft.  

The more of these I make, the more this style is growing on me.  I might be falling in love with it.  ;-)  Perhaps  will carve out some time to make myself one.  
Now what color do I want?

Pretty Pretties

I'm linking up with Tickle Me Tuesday again over at Yes, Teacher.  Here are a few things tickling my fancy this week.

On Saturday while I drank my morning coffee I made this little treasury:

This necklace by fellow Tulsa Maker, Gleeful Peacock

This bag by Anny and Me.  I wish I needed another purse.

The cute cookies made by my new pen pal.

And my first show of the spring has me all tickled too!  Read about what we will be up to this weekend here

Make sure to stop by the link up party and see what is tickling everyone else's fancy.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lists 6-10

I have done a poor job of catching up/keeping up.  And really, I have a terrible excuse.  See, I made the lists, I just didn't take pictures of them or post them.  Oops.
So here I present lists 6-12.

Not a very long list, I know.

This list was probably the most important to me this round.  It was good to get these goals down on paper.

I had intended to take pictures of the things in my bag to go with this list, but I didn't get to it.  Humbug.

This was my most incomplete list this time.  I have about a zillion more blogs and sites to add to the list, but this is a good start.

I actually accomplished #6 on this list a couple days after writing it.  We did go see Gnomeo and Juliet and it was sooooo good.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  Oh, and I ordered #1.  Yep, I did.  Can't wait!

So there are lists 6-10.  I will try and get 11-15 up pretty soon. 

In case you missed it in my last post, this is inspire by the blog 30 Days of Lists.  I love looking at everyone else's lists everyday and I wish I could keep up!