Thursday, March 10, 2011


This post will be a little all over the place.

First, I see all these fashion bloggers going nutso over spring, showing short sleeves and not looking cold at all.  Well its still cold here.  Cold and yucky.  In fact, I almost took a picture of what I was wearing yesterday just to show it against what everyone else seems to be wearing right now.  We're talking giant cowl neck tunic length sweater, sweater leggings, etc.  I did wear flats instead of boots, so its not like it was only 30 degrees, but at only 50-something, it was not warm at all.  (I also rocked a pretty Sunshine & Carousels cream flower bobby pin, in case you need to know that)

I updated my Where To Find Me page this morning with this: 
Very excited about this show!!  And so very excited that my booth will be located near friends!  It think its going to be a great day, so come out and see me, Gleeful Peacock, Bifftastica and Bohemian Romance!  I would link all of them but my mac seems to object to pasting right now, so if you go to the make:Tulsa website (which I have memorized), you can find lots of linky love.

Over the weekend I finished another spa set.
This one is 2 cloths and a scrubbie.  All a nice cotton blend that holds up well and is very soft. I guess it can be kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but the colors are all blues and greens that remind me of Fiji, hence the name of the set.  
I call the set "Sail Away to Paradise."  It is priced at $15, but I am not planning on listing it on etsy right now.  For a while I am going to cut back on listing things because of all the upcoming shows.  If I post something you are interested in, just e-mail me.  If you decided you want it then I can list it or we can work something out.  

Speaking of etsy though, don't forget that I am sponsoring over on Lovely by M and you can find a code for free shipping there on the sponsor introductory post.  That will be good the rest of March.

Have a happy Thursday!  The weekend is getting closer!
(and boy I might have some cool stuff to share on Saturday)


Kristin said...

That sailboat is so pretty!

Jessi said...

I like the sailboat! I am just learning to knit,glad to have found your blog!

Knit-O-Matic said...

Jessi, learning to knit is so much fun! Good luck! And you are welcome to ask questions any time.