Monday, June 14, 2010

Eventually, when life settles down, perhaps there will be pictures

5 days until the wedding (if you don't count wedding day itself), so life is nuts and cleaning, not knitting, is top priority. I did get a break from all that cleaning and wedding prep the weekend of the 5th & 6th when Ben and I ventured up to Kansas Cit for our friends' wedding. The bride knit her wedding dress and it (and she) were beautiful. I'll have to ask her permission to post a pic or two.

I got another, longer break with knitortunities the rest of that week while I was in New Orleans for a work conference. So while I was not able to be at home finishing up that mile long list of things that need to be finished up, I was able to finish the sock I started at the same work conference last year (yay!) and cast on and begin its mate. Hopefully i don't leave that sitting quite as long, it would be nice to actually finish it up.

The night gown has been set aside for now, and a few last minute gifts are desperately trying to get finished. I think I can get there though. At least, I hope so. Tonight we are having knitting and that is definitely a good thing. A nice short break to sit down and not clean. Oh, and speaking of knitterly gatherings, the Tulsa Knitters Group from Ravelry had our monthly K1D2 at Mimi's this month and the service was FABULOUS. I mean really, really awesome. The manager can out and told us how glad they were to have us there and how we were welcome to have our gathering there any time and they would reserve tables for us with good lighting. It was awesome. And it was also awesome to see all the ladies and laugh until we cried (which we really, really did).

And don't think I forgot about the rest of saturday, the Second Saturday event at the Riverwalk Crossing is definitely worth going to. I hung out with Bridgette and Lena and we were apparently even on TV because of their spinning and my knitting. Go us. Anyway, Bridgette's yarn was obviously the prettiest thing there (and Kate and Jane had great stuff too, it really is too bad I already have fiber crammed in every nook and cranny of this house) but there was a jewelry booth I kept going back to look at also. They had a whole bunch of lovely cameos. I should have just broken down and bought one. I think I kept a card from there though, so maybe I will give them a call. Next month if you are anywhere near Tulsa, you should definitely go!