Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting new friends used to old ideas or old friends used to new ideas

In California most people who knew me also knew I was an obsessive knitter. They had all grown accustomed to the fact that I usually had some knitting either on my person or very close by and that I would pull it out without hesitation at just any old time. Sometimes they would laugh, or they would shake their heads, but mostly they were used to it. All the guys from work would give me crap for it, but that was mostly for show (yeah, I can see right through you guys). And it also made it easier that I had surrounded myself with a core of knitters almost as completely obsessed as I am.

Here in Tulsa I am back to explaining that always having knitting on me is "just what i do." Just because I am knitting doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. When I am out and about with non-knitters I usually work on things I don't even have to look down at. So it doesn't mean I'm bored, doesn't mean I'm not interested, it just means my hands thought that they had better use for their time than sitting there doing nothing. And while I have joined some wonderful knitting groups and have a few other friends here in town who knit occasionally, I have not found that core group of truly obsessed knitters who will knit where ever they go, be it solo or in packs. My mom comes the closest to being obsessed, so maybe its hereditary.

But just because I have to explain it and just because I'm on my own doing it doesn't mean I will stop. So if you happen to be at a Tulsa Oilers game this season or sitting around Mc Nellie's or El Guapo's and you wonder about that girl over there, knitting away, thats probably me and you're probably not the only one wondering. And I'm ok with that.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Car! Yay car! Tim and I washed the car and made it all purdy and then took a bunch of pictures of it, mostly for him to have because he had all the work done on it.
I gave Cheryl B. another washcloth for her collection while I was out in Cali. I just happened to find this varigated yarn that exactly matched the colors I had already used to make her a variety of cloths.

Here is the back of the baby dress. The whole dress was done with 1 skein of Bernat Softee Baby. :-)

Front of the dress. The bow and the cast on edge were done with Bernat Satin, but the pattern didn't call for that.

Front pre-end tucking in.

So thats it for the super picture post. I am going to go see Ring of Fire downtown this afternoon and I should get some good knitting in during that (don't worry, I'm sitting in the booth not the audience)
This morning I started a christmas present for my mom, but I thought I might work on my nevember knitdishcloths exchange cloth today or tomorrow. And the Greetings From Knit Cafe red skirt is still going well. I'll post a picture of the progress soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh the Places You'll Knit

I finished my skinny scarf exchange scarf last night between periods at a Tulsa Oilers hockey game. My friend Molly and I went and it was a good game, even though they lost. (It went back and forth the whole time) And some of the hockey players were pretty cute (we sat down near the ice, just to the side of the penalty box so we got a good look at a couple of the fiestier ones they locked up ;-) ) So anyway, I can't post a picture of the scarf until after I've sent it to Stacey, my exchange partner, but I will post it eventually.

I can't find the whole bag of yarn I got to make christmas presents with. Elaine, Shelley, Emily, and Cheryl might remember that HUGE bag of goodies I bought just before I moved. All of it I found 50% off. And it was really nice stuff, angoras and rayons, ribbons, cottons, and silks. Its gotta be somewhere in storage, the question is where. I bet it got packed in the top of a box as "soft stuff" to protect or cushion whatever was under it. So I may not find it in time for Christmas unless I spend a whole day reorganizing the storage unit. This means I need to revise my christmas knitting list. And I'm also starting about 3 or 4 months later than I usually start on my christmas knitting so I may be doing a little more actual shopping this year.

So here's my blog question of the day (no, I will not start having one every day. Don't get smart-aleck with me.): Where are you on your Christmas knitting? How many projects are on your list and how many have you finished?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Baby blanket for Laura. I'm sorry I couldn't be at the shower, but I really hope she liked it! Thank you muchness to Miss Lisa who took it for me (and happens to be sister of the mommy to be and one of the coolest people I know)

One of the sun cloths found a home. I gave it and a bar of lavenday soap to my friend Diana and it turns out her bathroom and kitchen are both yellow! That worked out well, huh?

This is the little car seat blanket I sent to my friend Liz who I went to nerd camp with way back in the day. Nerd camp is also known as the Joseph Baldwin Academy of Eminent Young Scholars. Of course, I have NO idea if I spelled that right at all, the eminent part, I mean, but I'm going to go with it. Yup. Anyway, I hope she liked it!
Ok, bonfire now!

Back from Cali

And it was so great to see everyone!!!! The trip was way too short, but I'm so glad I got to come.

I really enjoyed the spinning and weaving festival that a few of us went to on Sunday. I got a FABULOUS deal on a whole crap load of wool/silk blend lace weight yarn. Like, enough to maybe double it and make a knee length dress. :-) We'll see what I end up doing with it. I do kind of dread having to wind it. :-P Seriously, its a whole lot of yarn. Maybe I'll take a picture and post it.

Speaking of pictures, Shelley, I really will post the pictures of the white baby dress, but since I spent yesterday seriously not moving for anything sick, I just haven't gotten it done yet. And I have a few other things to post. Maybe I'll do it in a few minutes if Tim isn't ready to leave for the bonfire.

I made a washcloth on the drive home and worked on my skinny scarf for the TeaTimeKnitters Skinny Scarf exchange. Its almost done. I'm going to take it with me tonight. I'm so behind on mailing my exchanges to people. And I'm sooooo sorry. Please forgive me, all my wonderful exchange partners!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, the baby dress is done, I finished it the night before I left and I'll post pictures of it as soon as I get home. I used pretty yellow buttons on the back, a flower, a circle, and a triangle. I left it with my mom to wrap up and take to the shower on sunday and I really hope the lady likes it.

On the plane I finished the Not-So-Vintage bubble bag I was making out of the SWS. And then Shelley let me felt it in her washer! Its pretty. :-) Its at her house drying right now. I hope it hurries up so I can use it! I want to take it in to show Eva. :-)

I brought the red skirt with me as my main project for this trip. I finished the whole front lace section and started on the back. I think I am going to convert the pattern for the main body of the skirt into the round. I read through the pattern and don't see any reason I can't do it that way. The sides attatch just above the lace section, right under the eyelet row, so I am going to get the back lace section finished and then see about putting it all together. And it will go faster, because the whole top is in stockinette and I won't have to purl, I just have to write out the decreases so I remember what I'm doing. I thought about taking out the 2 stitches on each side that are usually allowed for seaming, but I want the extra room in the skirt, so I'm going to leave them in.

I have 2 exchange things with me that I just have to tuck in the ends and mail off. Maybe I can get that done this afternoon.

Yay for friday morning borders knitting group tomorrow!!!!!