Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, the baby dress is done, I finished it the night before I left and I'll post pictures of it as soon as I get home. I used pretty yellow buttons on the back, a flower, a circle, and a triangle. I left it with my mom to wrap up and take to the shower on sunday and I really hope the lady likes it.

On the plane I finished the Not-So-Vintage bubble bag I was making out of the SWS. And then Shelley let me felt it in her washer! Its pretty. :-) Its at her house drying right now. I hope it hurries up so I can use it! I want to take it in to show Eva. :-)

I brought the red skirt with me as my main project for this trip. I finished the whole front lace section and started on the back. I think I am going to convert the pattern for the main body of the skirt into the round. I read through the pattern and don't see any reason I can't do it that way. The sides attatch just above the lace section, right under the eyelet row, so I am going to get the back lace section finished and then see about putting it all together. And it will go faster, because the whole top is in stockinette and I won't have to purl, I just have to write out the decreases so I remember what I'm doing. I thought about taking out the 2 stitches on each side that are usually allowed for seaming, but I want the extra room in the skirt, so I'm going to leave them in.

I have 2 exchange things with me that I just have to tuck in the ends and mail off. Maybe I can get that done this afternoon.

Yay for friday morning borders knitting group tomorrow!!!!!

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