Friday, November 9, 2007

Baby blanket for Laura. I'm sorry I couldn't be at the shower, but I really hope she liked it! Thank you muchness to Miss Lisa who took it for me (and happens to be sister of the mommy to be and one of the coolest people I know)

One of the sun cloths found a home. I gave it and a bar of lavenday soap to my friend Diana and it turns out her bathroom and kitchen are both yellow! That worked out well, huh?

This is the little car seat blanket I sent to my friend Liz who I went to nerd camp with way back in the day. Nerd camp is also known as the Joseph Baldwin Academy of Eminent Young Scholars. Of course, I have NO idea if I spelled that right at all, the eminent part, I mean, but I'm going to go with it. Yup. Anyway, I hope she liked it!
Ok, bonfire now!


shelley said...

Bonfire, huh? Aren't you afraid all that hay will burn down? ;)
I love how your baby blankets turned out. How long did the bright blue one take? I need to get my not-so-skinny scarf in the mail tomorrow. I just need to finish fixing the ornament. I finished Jessica's 12x cast-on hand warmers. Thank God. And I started a cranberry striped pair out of the Patternworks Boku. Almost done. I got past the thumb hole.
Should whip up the other pair and send those to Linda in OR instead of the deckle scarf which needs serious blocking to get the one side to deckle!
My cousin's baby should be born (C section today) =)

Knit-O-Matic said...

That particular baby blanket seemed to go really fast. The yarn was a bulky weight yarn, which helped a lot. And I used size 10 needles. Its just the basic linen stich but on a blanket instead of washcloth.