Saturday, November 17, 2007


Car! Yay car! Tim and I washed the car and made it all purdy and then took a bunch of pictures of it, mostly for him to have because he had all the work done on it.
I gave Cheryl B. another washcloth for her collection while I was out in Cali. I just happened to find this varigated yarn that exactly matched the colors I had already used to make her a variety of cloths.

Here is the back of the baby dress. The whole dress was done with 1 skein of Bernat Softee Baby. :-)

Front of the dress. The bow and the cast on edge were done with Bernat Satin, but the pattern didn't call for that.

Front pre-end tucking in.

So thats it for the super picture post. I am going to go see Ring of Fire downtown this afternoon and I should get some good knitting in during that (don't worry, I'm sitting in the booth not the audience)
This morning I started a christmas present for my mom, but I thought I might work on my nevember knitdishcloths exchange cloth today or tomorrow. And the Greetings From Knit Cafe red skirt is still going well. I'll post a picture of the progress soon.

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Anonymous said...

Adorable baby dress! I kinda want to make one....
Your car looks awesom! And you had a sunny day to drive with the top off?
finished one cash island hat and have about 3" done on the 2nd.