Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm exhausted, so here's all I'm going to say tonight:

We'll see if I can manage to get one more medal by the end of it. Pictures of the actual FO will be posted soonish.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sara's Starghan

My friend Sara is having a baby girl. And this baby girl will not be covered in cotton candy pink all the time. Because I thought Sara of all people would appreciate it, I decided to make a brightly colored starghan for this little bundle of joy. I chose an aqua/turquoisey color and a terra cotta color and a warm goldy yellow. Since Sara is eco-conscious and prefers natural things, I chose a cotton blend yarn that will stand up to machine wash and dry.Its an easy pattern to memorize and fun to knit, although every other row you have to do a lot of counting and you need to keep track of what row you are on. I put stitch markers at the end of each pattern repeat, which is basically each indentation on the star, to help me keep track of where I was. I don't think I could have done it without that, I would have lost my place way too many times.
I really needed a bigger space than the little twin bead in my guest room for blocking, but since that is all I had available, thats what I used. It took a while to pin the whole thing out and I had to use most of an entire box of pins. Speaking of taking forever, as I am sure you can image, the binding off process took forever. Since there is so much bound off edge and I was afraid of there not being enough stretch in the bind off, I used a needle 3 sizes bigger than I knit the blanket with and still bound off loosely. It turned out to be perfect.
So below you can see the relative size of the blanket to an adult. I know its not the most practical wrap-the-baby-up blanket, but I see it as a really good on the floor blanket. The small child of the person who hosted Sara's shower picked the blanket up and carried it off at one point, so I know its not too heavy for a very small toddler to drag around.
The baby bump is hidden behind the starghan, but she's gonna pop soon!
And this is Monkey. He was also at the baby shower. Isn't he cute? I think Riley and Ripley would love to have him come over to play.