Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleepy Riley

Sleepy Riley
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Almost a month ago, while I was moving all of the bedroom furniture around, Riley decided the best place to sleep would be in the drawers of the old dresser. So here is is asleep on top of an entire drawerful of hand knit hats. I didn't see him get in or he would have immediately been shooed away, but by the time I saw him he was so cute I had to take a picture. But thats my beloved pony-tail hat right there under his butt!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day Mittens

mitten 1
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I made the mittens out of Speed Knitting, since I only started 2 weeks before Valentine's Day and I figured I didn't have a ton of time I used the same alpaca that his hat and scarf are made out of. Its soooo soft and its not like mittens in Tulsa need to be appropriate for the arctic tundra, they just need to be a little warm and pretty cozy. I followd the pattern pretty exactly, but the mittens came out a little shorter than I was hoping for. Ben doesn't have big hands, but he does have long fingers and the gloves fit my hands just a bit too well. I gave them to him anyway and they are pretty snug but should still fulfill the warm and snuggly aspects. And perhaps they will even stretch out a bit. I've thought about getting them wet and stretching them over something to block them, but I can't figure what i have to stretch them over. Oh well. He seemed to like them and I'm not sure that there is that much mitten wearing season left in Tulsa this year. Perhaps next year I'll make him another, non-alpaca, more practical pair.

I took a bit of time off and worked on fingerless gloves for myself, still working on the first one, but then I realized I have more last minute gifts to make so this week I have been working on washcloths for my godsister's kids for their birthday (party on saturday so I have to hurry up) and then I was reminded of a couple other last minute things I need to do. So much for my after christmas knit for myself for a while plan. :-P

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blanket for Baby Stein

Saturday was my cousin Amanda's baby shower and it was a ton of fun. She got a lot of cute things. I made this blanket for her, in colors to mainly match her shades of green, brown and blue nursery. The pattern is from Yarnplay and its the receiving blanket pattern, although I went up to 10 1/2 needles and held 2 yarns together throughout. Then I turned the whole thing on its side. I had intended to crochet a dark brown border around the whole thing but since I tucked in the last end 10 minutes before the shower and it looked pretty good as it was, I decided to skip it. I really hate crocheting around knitting anyway, trying to space the stitches right so the whole thing lines up and doesn't pucker and all that just isn't one of my strong suits. Anyway, my cousin seemed to like the blanket. All the yarn is washable so thats a big plus for her. I think I worked on this for less than a month. Maybe right at a month.

People need to stop having babies so I can knit something for myself. But, alas, I have another one to knit for coming up rather quickly. I did start a pair of fingerless gloves for myself on saturday, but since the are on size 1 needles and made of Jitterbug sock yarn, they may take a while. I've been waiting alomst 2 years to have the time to make them. I got the yarn at Eva's back when I still lived in Cali and its been sitting around, calling out to me occasionally, since then. And its not like I had to wait for inspiration. The yarn was bought specifically for this purpose. There's just always been something more pressing to do, some gift to finish, yada yada. But now I am determined, so we'll see how long it takes me to knit them up. The Jitterbug is wonderful to work with so far and the vibrant blue color is still amazing to me every time I look at it. It may be my favorite color in the world. I mean, everyone knows my favorite color is blue, but this particular shade of blue might be my absolute above all favorite. Thank you Collinette!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have had many conversations over the last few days.  And I admit I acted based solely on feelings of hurt and anger.  I tend to get riled up and its been quite a week.  I am sure that Shelley can understand emotional roller-coasters as it appears we have both sat through close family funerals this week.  I have heard many different stories, some that all line up and some that don't.  I have had conversations with both sides.  And I still don't know how to feel.  I no longer believe that her transgendered status was the only reason my friend was asked not to return to Loops but I also still wonder if it was a factor in the complaints received about her.  I hate the bickering that has started and perhaps I should have waited until I was calmer to post.  I do appreciate the open dialog that some of you were willing to have, which happened more by e-mail than by blog comments, so as I mentioned before, please e-mail me if you would like to discuss something.   I will continue to talk to my friend and i would like to continue to knit with her also.  I, myself, will be taking a break from Loops.  I am not telling anyone else what to do, I just want a break.  From all of this.  Come on people, we all just want to knit.


Last night I went to K1D2 with the ladies of the Tulsa Knitters group on Ravelry.  Last night's meet-up was at Cosmo's and there was a pretty good turn out.  Everyone was really nice and a lot of fun, I'm really glad I got to go.  I started a quick Valentine's day present and got halfway done, not bad for an evening of knitting and drinking (ok, so I wasn't drinking, but there were other people drinking, does that count?).  Even though it took us a forever long time to order and get served, I have to admit the food was really, really good.  Just don't go there if you are in a hurry.  I had something called the Miranda sandwich, which I will now have to try and duplicate at home.  It was a toasted bagel with cream cheese and then cheddar cheese toasted on top of that and fresh tomato slices on top of the cheddar cheese.  Really good.  And the desserts a couple people got were OMG incredible.  Oh, and i had some kind of blended green tea and pineapple drink that was awesome too.  Anyway, I hope I get to knit with this really fun group again soon.  Too bad K1D2 is only once a month.  

Oh, there was other fun stuff that happened yesterday too.  Like giving the baby blanket to my cousin.  I'll have to post about that later.  It was a fun shower and I really like how the blanket turned out.