About Me

I am fairly certain I couldn't live without my knitting.  It is my creative outlet, but also a driving force.  There is something in me that needs to create.  I cannot draw, or paint, I love to take pictures but am not an excellent photographer.  Knitting allows me to play with shape and color in a way that I understand and even maybe excel at.

I blog about this huge part of my life as Knit-o-matic and I sell some finished knits and stitch markers here as SomerKnits.  I also have a site where I just kind of keep archives of finished things and a gallery of pics here.

I have a wonderful and supportive husband and we just welcomed a baby girl in to our family on January 2nd.  (I tried to convince her to keep cooking until her actual due date, but she already has a mind of her own so she came almost 2 weeks early) She is wonderful and adorable and I could gush about her all day.  Maybe one day she will want to learn to knit like mom.  One can hope, right? We also have two crazy but fun rescue dogs who keep both of us on our toes.  One of them has chewed up his fair share of knitting needles. but we have all learned from the experience.  Currently they enjoy getting tangled in the yarn and pushing me off the couch.

I always welcome your comments as I share my journey.  Feel free to share your stories with me as well.