Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What to pack?

Its so hard to decide what knitting projects to pack for my trip. Do I want one big complicated project or a bunch of smaller projects? Its s lot of good quality knitting time and I do need to be working on some afghans, but do I really want to haul anything that big around with me? I have a couple of winter sweaters that I'm down to just needing to do the sleeves on, but do I want anything that hot to work on this time of year? Oh, the torture! Of course I'll throw some dishcloth yarn in my bag, just in case. Maybe I should just do another tank top, maybe even get from start to finish just on this trip. The problem is that the possibilities are endless and that just makes the decision more frustrating. Maybe I should do a pair of socks. Its been a while since I did a pair of socks. That would be small and easily transported. Hmmmm.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What'd you know, Pictures!

Ok, long ago, we'll call it February, I did a week at the PAC for the Tulsa Ballet. The hats and washcloth below are the fruit of my week's worth of side stage knitting. The light blue hat, the swirl hat, and the rippled multi-color hat are all to donate, some to chemo caps and some to the associated women for pepperdine bazaar. I just have to decide what is going where.
Here are my hats displayed on my mother's candle sticks. Pretty.

And my tank top! There were pictures of the day I wore it, but I refuse to post the front views owing to two icky icky zits! So the next time I wear it I'll be sure to get more pictures taken.

The back of my newly finished tank top. The pattern is from last summer's Interweave Knits and the yarn is actually Lion Cotton Ease.

And last but not least, here's another hat for my pile of hats to donate. I decided to model this one.
Right now I'm working on super top secret stuff, but there will be more updates soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And Stuff

I don't like that tax season means less knitting. :-P

I have managed to get a few things done recently though. I finished the tank top I was working on. My mom's knitting group decided to make shells and for them it will be their first article of clothing. So I decided to participate but I picked out a harder pattern than the one they were using. I really expected it to take longer because the pattern is out of Interweave Summer 07 and its the Lu-somethingoranother shell with and inverted v neck and lace straps/shoulders. Anyway, I got a lot done this weekend and I was so close to finishing on sunday evening that I just pushed through so I could wear it to work on monday. I'll post some pictures soon. I definitely didn't get enough sleep sunday night, but it was worth it.

Last night at knitting group I started a felted purse for a purse exchange with the TeaTimeKnitters group. I can't talk too much about it because I want my exchange partner to be suprised, but I started with a very basic pattern and I'm altering it quite a bit to give it an individual feel. Hopefully she will like it.

I've spent a lot of time sorting and catagorizing my yarn lately. I have 2 sets of 4 (so 8) canvas storage totes that my mom gave me for valentines and easter so I have been trying to neaten up the giant pile that has been occupying a very large space in my front bedroom. Its getting there. I have so much I want to do! I wish I could knit, knit, knit, all the time.

Ok, back to the tax grind.