Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What to pack?

Its so hard to decide what knitting projects to pack for my trip. Do I want one big complicated project or a bunch of smaller projects? Its s lot of good quality knitting time and I do need to be working on some afghans, but do I really want to haul anything that big around with me? I have a couple of winter sweaters that I'm down to just needing to do the sleeves on, but do I want anything that hot to work on this time of year? Oh, the torture! Of course I'll throw some dishcloth yarn in my bag, just in case. Maybe I should just do another tank top, maybe even get from start to finish just on this trip. The problem is that the possibilities are endless and that just makes the decision more frustrating. Maybe I should do a pair of socks. Its been a while since I did a pair of socks. That would be small and easily transported. Hmmmm.

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