Sunday, March 28, 2010

asymmetrical shawl

The Asymmetrical Shawl was a fast, fun and easy knit. And it didn't take much yarn at all. I had 400 yards of cotton and silk that Bridgette Lowder of Farm Girl Fibers had dyed a lovely mix of steely blues with hints of purple showing through at times. Above is a pre-blocking picture of the finished shawl. I didn't use nearly the 400 yards I had and the pattern didn't specify when to stop. Basically it said to go until desired width. Its really hard to tell how wide this shawl really is while its still on the needles, mainly because of its circular shape. So I'd worry that it was still too small and I'd worry that it was getting too big. Finally, I just decided to go for it and started on the lace border. The border takes quite a while to do, even though its very simple, but it's worth it. Below is a picture of it all stretched out across a twin bed (went almost all the way across it width-wise).

You can see the border better in these pictures of the shawl than in the ones of it on the bed. I'd say anyone with a little bit of patience could make this shawl. I used stitch markers to mark ever repeat and was careful to remember which side of the YO the stitch marker belonged on. They are tricky little buggers and like to slip under the yarn overs and end up in the wrong spot.
The yarn has lovely drape, by the way, and the shawl is light enough so as not to be too hot for spring but warm enough that you want to cozy it around your neck on those windier days.

I'm torn now on what to do next. I have the Everyway Wrap on the needles and I can keep plugging away at that, although I know it will be too warm to wear it by the time I would be anywhere close to finishing it. OR I can make another lightweight shawl like Citron, June, Whipped, Fairy Tale, or Aubrey (all of which are in my rav queue). OR I can move on to something else springy, like that hat from Knit.1 I've been wanting to make forever (and have had the yarn for 3 years now). Decisions!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chastain Park 2

A week ago, while cleaning up my craft room / office / big catch-all room in my house, I looked at the bag that contained this mostly finish project. I've known for months that it was only about 2 rows from completion. So I finally, because I wanted to be able to clean up the room and put away the yarn, sat down and finished the last 2 rows and bound off my Chastain Park Shawl. This is the second one I have made.The first one I sent my sister for her birthday back in October and I think it only took a few days to make. I started this one for myself shortly there after because I liked the one I sent my sister so much. And then I set it aside for whatever else had come up of caught my fancy. It happens all the time to me. I know some knitters focus on a project until it is done. There are some people in my mom's knitting group like that, they don't start something new until they have finished the thing they are working on. But that is not at all how I operate.
Here's a close-up of the lacy edge of the shawl. Its really a fun and simple and quick pattern, if I hadn't put it down for so long. I will probably make more of these. I did get a lot of compliments when I wore it for the first time yesterday.

Finishing this inspired my to reach for one of my other WIPs the other day when I didn't have anything current in my hands. I have resumed working on my Jitterbug fingerless gloves. Its a simple rib pattern, but I had set it aside because it was on size 1 needles and I needed to do other things. I started these sometime last winter or maybe even the winter before, I'll have to check my Rav project page to refresh my memory. Anyway, I stopped about 3/4 of the way done with the first one. I love the yarn and love the color, so there is now way I wanted to frog it. Last night I finished the top, bound off and picked up for the thumb. I should be able to finish the thumb today and cast on the second one. I know its close to the end of winter and I might not get to wear them, but the satisfaction of getting them done and having them ready and waiting for next fall will be enough.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ravelympics / exchange cowl

Bridgette Lowder of Farm Girl Fibers custom dyed this super awesome chunky yarn for me. :-)I love this pattern because it knits up really quickly on size 19 needles. Since i had almost twice the yardage the pattern calls for, I got a nice super wide cowl that can make a pretty decent hood.
I took multiple pictures with and without flash because I was trying to do the yarn justice. Its just such a rich yummy color.
And from all reports my exchange partner loved it. I hope it keeps her warm and toasty.
Now everyone in my monday night knitting group wants to make one. Of course, it was me being on my third one that finally sparked this, but hey, whatever inspires them is cool.

I still love the first one I made, but the alpaca definitely sheds a lot. I want to make myself a large cozy cowl / hood that doesn't shed and I have some lovely aqua and brown yarn that I got from Bridgette a while ago, so I just might have to do that. And maybe I should also buy my own pair of size 19 20'" addi turbos instead of borrowing them all the time :-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pink for Piper

My cousin's wife is having a little girl in April and I needed to come up with a super girly girl blanket.
I decided to go with a lacy feather and fan afghan made with a soft washable yarn. The Neapolitan ice cream yarn broke up the monotony of the overwhelming pinkness. I'm just not a pinky person.
The pattern does have beautiful drape.
I barely made it with the pink yarn. I think there was less than a yard left to cut off at the end. I was definitely worried those last couple rows.
But all's well that ends well, right? So here is the blanket stretched out for blocking on the twin bed in the guest room. Its nice and big, so it should last baby A for quite a while.