Friday, December 28, 2007

You waited so patiently

So here it finally is! The Greetings From Knit Cafe skirt done in KnitPicks Cot-Lin Morracan Red. Ta-da!

First we have the bound off and ends woven in version, still in need of somekind of a drawsting at the waist and possible decoration through the eyelet row. Then we have the finished version complete with ribbon just waiting to be worn. And I think the rest of the pictures can speak for themselves. We have the Christmas Eve family photo and then some my sister took at home in front of the christmas tree, trying to get every angle of the skirt. **Edit, the published post ended up with the pictures in a different order than I put them in, so reverse that.

I may be biased, but I think the skirt looks great! I was really happy with how easily and how well this pattern worked up. The measurements were pretty accurate, so the fit is pretty close to perfect. So if someone asked if I would recommend this project, the answer would be definitely yes. :-)
I wish I had more time to write, but work calls!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Real Quick

The red skirt is completely finished. All the ends are tucked in and its ready to go for Christmas Eve. Yay! I promise there will be pictures soon. I just love how it turned out. And it was pretty quick to make. The hardest part was the lace panels at the bottom and those weren't really hard at all, they just took a little time.

Ok, off to work!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One more off my list

I finished another Christmas present last night! I was suprised at how quickly that particular present knit up. I may have to make more of those! I know, very vague. There will be a lot of picture posting and a lot more explanation after Christmas.

I've been riding into work with my mom because of the ice storm, so thats given me a bit of extra knitting time everyday. When you are doing the big Christmas push, every little bit counts. The fact that it is super cold does not help my knitting though. Its hard to knit with frozen hands.

So much to do, so little time. And I'm missing all my Cali friends as I read about their Christmas parties and whatnot. I got a package in the mail from Shelley the other day. Thanks, Shelley! I love it. Yes, I already opened it. Didn't think I'd wait, did you? :-P

This hasn't been a particularly informative or interesting update, but thats whats going on here.

Oh, and my new boyfriend is distracting, but I'm ok with that.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Ice Baby.

So, the Greetings From Knit Cafe skirt is done! Well, its bound off, but I haven't tucked in all the little ends yet. I promise a picture as soon as I do. I plan to wear it Christmas Eve, so there will definitely be pictures from that. :-) Its such a pretty skirt and I felt soooo good when I finished it. I was seriously so happy I stood up and tried it on over my pants in the living room of some people I had just met. Luckily, I think the wife understood.

In other news, major ice storm last night! I took a bunch of pictures this morning, here are but a select few:

The view out from the kitchen, my mother's fish pond. Luckily the fish don't mind the cold as long as the water is moving.
The house from the front. The flags are frozen down to the pole.

Part of the front yard. It looks so pretty and sparkly from inside where its warm.
And next, here are the pictures of the toddler dress I made for Kim Burns' baby shower. Its from the book Speed Knitting and only took me about three days. I think this yarn is really fun and my mom got some cute long sleeved onesies to go with it in a bright pink and a cream. Before giving it away though, mom and I tortured Suki the cat by making her model the dress. Here for your viewing pleasure:

She looks grouchy, doesn't she?

And below is the dress laid out flat on the table.
Another picture of our oh so cooperative model.

I started another Christmas present yesterday and another one this morning as I rode into work with my mom. I can think of a couple more things I want to crank out for the holidays, but then in January I am going to relax and start a really nice project for me, no rush.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clicking away like crazy

My main focus recently has been cranking out that skirt from Greetings From Knit Cafe in the red knitpicks cotlin. And I'm 16 rows from being done! YAY! I wanted to work on it last night but I ended up baking about a million cookies for my mom instead. I have also been working on some baby and christmas presents, other wise the skirt might have been done. In facr, I just took a really cute little toddler dress to a baby shower last weekend. The pattern was out of Speed Knitting and it was so wonderfully simple and since it was knit in the round there was no sewing and very few ends to weave in. SUPER YAY. The skirt is going to have about a million and one ends because of all of the lace panels at the bottom. This weekend there is another baby shower so I am working on a quick gift for that one as well. And I've thought of a couple things I'd like to make as Christmas gifts if I have time. Where did the time go? Compared to all the time I used to have to knit, I feel like I get nothing done here! Oh well, I guess I will just have to start prioritizing my knitting. And maybe some people will just get late christmas presents. I hope everyone else's christmas knitting is going well!

I got my skinny scarf in the mail yesterday from the TeaTimeKnitters skinny scarf exchange. Its awesome. Its a medium shade of grey with kind of a diamond lace pattern in it. my partner, Stacy, is great. I hope she likes the package I mailed off to her yesterday. She also sent me some yummy looking chai tea and a cute snowman ornament and snowflake post-its. :-)

I guess I better get ready for work. I'd much rather knit.