Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Ice Baby.

So, the Greetings From Knit Cafe skirt is done! Well, its bound off, but I haven't tucked in all the little ends yet. I promise a picture as soon as I do. I plan to wear it Christmas Eve, so there will definitely be pictures from that. :-) Its such a pretty skirt and I felt soooo good when I finished it. I was seriously so happy I stood up and tried it on over my pants in the living room of some people I had just met. Luckily, I think the wife understood.

In other news, major ice storm last night! I took a bunch of pictures this morning, here are but a select few:

The view out from the kitchen, my mother's fish pond. Luckily the fish don't mind the cold as long as the water is moving.
The house from the front. The flags are frozen down to the pole.

Part of the front yard. It looks so pretty and sparkly from inside where its warm.
And next, here are the pictures of the toddler dress I made for Kim Burns' baby shower. Its from the book Speed Knitting and only took me about three days. I think this yarn is really fun and my mom got some cute long sleeved onesies to go with it in a bright pink and a cream. Before giving it away though, mom and I tortured Suki the cat by making her model the dress. Here for your viewing pleasure:

She looks grouchy, doesn't she?

And below is the dress laid out flat on the table.
Another picture of our oh so cooperative model.

I started another Christmas present yesterday and another one this morning as I rode into work with my mom. I can think of a couple more things I want to crank out for the holidays, but then in January I am going to relax and start a really nice project for me, no rush.

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Shelley said...

I really had to lol at the cat. I forced my cat to snuggle on me for the longest time ever, today. I use the term 'snuggle' loosely; it has the same meaning as when Emily says she is torturing her cat. I can't wait to see the Knit Cafe dress!
PS The baby dress is really cute!