Saturday, August 25, 2007

For Shelley's Mom

It was brought up yesterday at brunch that I started my blog after the dress I made in the spring was done and therefore never really posted about it. And I was asked where all the pictures of it went, there was concern that they were left out of the slideshow. So, I sat down and watched the entire slideshow, start to finish. I had no idea it had gotten that long! It took 12 minutes to get to the point in the slideshow where the blue dress is and it took over 15 minutes to get all the way through it! Wow. I seriously had no idea. Its all those washcloths, I'm sure. They are so quick to make and I add pictures every couple weeks and eventually the slide show will take half an hour! (ok, that might be an exaggeration)
Anyway, thank you Shelley's Mom for taking the pictures of the blue dress when I wore it for the first time. :-) This dress was super quick to make and I love wearing it.
Oh, and since I brought up brunch at the beginning of this post, have I ever mentioned how wonderful all of the ladies I knit with are? They are super-awesome and I will miss them all terribly. So they better all keep in touch. They have been giving me going away presents like mad (seriously, ya'll didn't have to do that!) and I love them all. I will certainly post more about that later, as I feel pictoral illustrations are necessary.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Venezia Dress!!!

I was gonna wait to post it until after I had a picture of me in it, but I've gotten impatient, so here you go: The Venezia Dress!!! Except I didn't use Venezia, I used Collinette. Isn't it purdy? The pattern is free on the Tahki Stacey Charles website. I just love the drop stitch hem and neckline.

see? Its kind of hard to see what it really looks like on a hanger, but I think the drop stitch neck is very flattering. And purdy.
And I love the hippie tie dyed effect of the beautiful handpainted ribbon. Here's a close-up of the place where the stockinette skirt changes to the garter stitch bodice. See all the pretty colors on the lovely wine background?
Ok, instead of typing about knitting, I think I'll go off and knit for a bit. :-) I'm going to work on the Kat's Pretty Pink Dress I'm making in blue. Its out the Greetings From Knit Cafe, which is a wonderful book, despite the insane number of corrections. The photographer for that book is a god. Or at least a demi-god.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Over Due: Knitting in Nightclubs

This entry is a bit over due, but a I was waiting to have the pictures on the computer. A couple weeks ago I worked a couple club gigs as the merch girl for some old friends. I was actually hoping toget to go out on the road with them, but it didn't pan out. But while I was sitting in those dark night clubs waiting to sell people t-shirts and CDs, I got to finish a lovely cloth in the new Bernat Organic cotton, pictures below. And then I finally got to try the new self-striping sugar and cream yarns!!!!!!
This one is obviously just a Grandmother's Favorite in the Sugar and Cream natural stripes. I think its really pretty, but when I finished that one I wanted to do something a little different with the other half of the ball, so.....

I jotted down a quick eyelet pattern, just before they opened doors at the Viper Room. Just a k2, k2tog, YO kind of thing with some knit rowns and some purl rows. And a seed stitch border. But then while my mom was in town this last week she really loved it and I had to try and write the pattern down again, cause I have no idea where that slip of paper I jotted it on originally it. I think I got it pretty close, I'll have to call and see how hers came out.

And after the beautiful eyelet cloth I decided to move on to the green stripes! But I decided to do a stockinette stitch grandmother's favorite and just leave the first and last 4 stitches of each row in garter to make the increasing and decreasing easier. It came out alright, I made it a little too big, I think, and it doesn't really want to be square, but its a dishcloth.

With the rest of the green stripes I wanted to do something in a rib and I didn't have any patterns with me, so I just messed around with a stockinette/garter rib. I should have cast on 3 less stitches or 3 more sitches to put a stockinette column against both sides of the border stitches.

The bouncers and the bartenders at both Spaceland and the Viper Room thought I was weird, but I enjoyed my nightclub knitting!

Monday, August 20, 2007


I finished the cloth I was making for my exchange partner in the knitdishcloths group last night and I am mailing the package out today! I had EXACTLY enough yarn. There was about 1 1/2 feet left over after I finished. I was seriously sweating it there at the end because I didn't have anymore of that color and I was soooo afraid I was going to run out. But it came out perfect and I think the cloth is really pretty. :-) So I hope she likes all her goodies. I'll post pictures after she tells me she got the pacakage.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Busy, busy

Things have been hectic between work and packing, but don't worry, it doesn't mean I'm not knitting! I have been managing to keep up with my knit-alongs and, although I haven't posted them yet, I have been taking pictures. I've made a number of gifts recently, as well, and I don't want to post about them or pictures of them until after they have been gifted, so you will just have to be patient.

I almost have my knitdishcloths exchange package for my partner Michele all ready to mail out. I am hoping to mail it monday on the way to my really not fun dentist apointment. The dentist thinks its funny that I knit while I wait for him. I even asked him for scissors when I was there last week for a cleaning because I finished the cloth I was working on and wanted to start another. :-) I think it would be funny to make him a cloth with a tooth on it. I saw a pattern for one somewhere.

I am loving the MonthlyDishcloths mid-month KAL. Its a pretty cable pattern and I love doing cables. They look so complicated when really they're not. I'm seriously thinking of starting a second cloth of the same pattern because its coming out so pretty.

I joined another yahoo group. This one is not for knit-alongs though. Its the TeaTimeKnitters group and its all about exchanges! I mailed out my postcards for the postcard exchange yesterday and I've received 2 already. I love, love, love getting mail. :-)

I bet some of you are wondering about the Venezia Dress. Well, let me just say that before I go to work today I am going to go try to find a nude colored slip to wear under it...

So now its time to decide what to take to work today. Do I take all dishcloth stuff and work on some gifts I really really want to get done or do I do something super exciting and cast on for the baby blanket that I have the yarn for just staring at me asking me when I will play with it?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

As promised, Vogue Skirt Pictures

Here's the Vogue Knitting skirt all laid out for blocking. It takes up my whole dining room table! Ain't it purdy?

I wore my skirt to knitting group last friday to show it off. I'm so happy its done. I worked on it for almost a year and a half! Buts its so beautiful, its all worth it! The crocheted edging took me forever, and I stayed up until almost one a.m. that night finishing tucking in all the little ends.

And looks at how it twirls! The first picture we took it actually twirled so high my slip was showing, so this is a very modest twirl. :-)
I know, its terrible it took me over a week to post the pictures, but I know you'll all forgive me. Oh, and I changed out the elastic, so it no longer slides down. The knew elastic is much stronger and I can spin without haveing to hold it up!