Saturday, August 4, 2007

As promised, Vogue Skirt Pictures

Here's the Vogue Knitting skirt all laid out for blocking. It takes up my whole dining room table! Ain't it purdy?

I wore my skirt to knitting group last friday to show it off. I'm so happy its done. I worked on it for almost a year and a half! Buts its so beautiful, its all worth it! The crocheted edging took me forever, and I stayed up until almost one a.m. that night finishing tucking in all the little ends.

And looks at how it twirls! The first picture we took it actually twirled so high my slip was showing, so this is a very modest twirl. :-)
I know, its terrible it took me over a week to post the pictures, but I know you'll all forgive me. Oh, and I changed out the elastic, so it no longer slides down. The knew elastic is much stronger and I can spin without haveing to hold it up!

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Anonymous said...

That is the most beautiful skirt!

Wear it with pride that you persevered to finish it!

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca