Saturday, August 25, 2007

For Shelley's Mom

It was brought up yesterday at brunch that I started my blog after the dress I made in the spring was done and therefore never really posted about it. And I was asked where all the pictures of it went, there was concern that they were left out of the slideshow. So, I sat down and watched the entire slideshow, start to finish. I had no idea it had gotten that long! It took 12 minutes to get to the point in the slideshow where the blue dress is and it took over 15 minutes to get all the way through it! Wow. I seriously had no idea. Its all those washcloths, I'm sure. They are so quick to make and I add pictures every couple weeks and eventually the slide show will take half an hour! (ok, that might be an exaggeration)
Anyway, thank you Shelley's Mom for taking the pictures of the blue dress when I wore it for the first time. :-) This dress was super quick to make and I love wearing it.
Oh, and since I brought up brunch at the beginning of this post, have I ever mentioned how wonderful all of the ladies I knit with are? They are super-awesome and I will miss them all terribly. So they better all keep in touch. They have been giving me going away presents like mad (seriously, ya'll didn't have to do that!) and I love them all. I will certainly post more about that later, as I feel pictoral illustrations are necessary.

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Shelley said...

Heh, I will have to send her over for a look! And be sure to get the picture of you in it posted sometime. When you have time. When you have unpacked. Ew. =)Shelley (miss you already!)