Thursday, August 23, 2007

Venezia Dress!!!

I was gonna wait to post it until after I had a picture of me in it, but I've gotten impatient, so here you go: The Venezia Dress!!! Except I didn't use Venezia, I used Collinette. Isn't it purdy? The pattern is free on the Tahki Stacey Charles website. I just love the drop stitch hem and neckline.

see? Its kind of hard to see what it really looks like on a hanger, but I think the drop stitch neck is very flattering. And purdy.
And I love the hippie tie dyed effect of the beautiful handpainted ribbon. Here's a close-up of the place where the stockinette skirt changes to the garter stitch bodice. See all the pretty colors on the lovely wine background?
Ok, instead of typing about knitting, I think I'll go off and knit for a bit. :-) I'm going to work on the Kat's Pretty Pink Dress I'm making in blue. Its out the Greetings From Knit Cafe, which is a wonderful book, despite the insane number of corrections. The photographer for that book is a god. Or at least a demi-god.

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