Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ridiculously Easy 3x3 hat

So I was on my way out the door to the St. Louis Cardinals game a couple nights ago when I realized I didn't have any purse size knitting on hand. I grabbed a ball of bernat chunky and a pair of size 10 16" circs out of my travel bag and stuffed them into my purse to contemplate at the game. I wanted something so super easy that by the time the game started I wouldn't have to think about it. I feel almost silly sharing this pattern, but I figured why not. So here is the hat:
I don't really intend to turn up the edge to make a brim, but my model had trouble keeping it on otherwise. Its really stretchy and should fit almost any adult head. Its long enough to cover your ears, so if you really want a brim, go ahead and flip up the edge. Ok, here goes the pattern:

Ridiculously Easy 3x3 Hat

Yarn: I used Bernat Chunky
Needles: Size 10 16" Circs or preferred method of knitting in the round

CO 60 stitches and join for knitting in the round.

Work in 3x3 rib for 7 inches.

3x3 rib: (Knit 3, Purl 3) around

Dec Row 1: (knit 3, p2tog, p1) around

Work 1 round even

Dec Row 2: (K1, K2tog, p2) around

Work 1 round even

Dec row 3: (k2, p2tog) around

Dec row 4: (k2tog, p1) around

Dec row 5: k2tog around

Cut yarn leaving a 10 inch tail. Thread a yarn needle and draw through remaining stitches. Pull very tight and weave in ends.

This has only been knit the one time mostly at the ball game, so let me know if you spot any errors. Thanks! If you make one, I'd really love to see it.


Kat said...

Cool! Looks like a great hat!

Sherri said...

Hey! Were you at the Cardinals vs Reds game Friday night? We were too! Unfortunately my family would not have been pleased if I had taken my crochet to the game. We get precious little time to visit while in town, so I oblige. As an alternative, I use my 6 hour drive-time from St. Louis to Tulsa and back to get some good hooking done!

Knit-O-Matic said...

Yes, Sherri, we were!! I also knit during the 6 hour drive both directions. I actually worked on a project that had been hibernating for 2 years, it was good to make some significant progress. That one was too big to haul with me to the game though, so I had to start the hat there.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have this hat? I'd love to see a pic of the decreasing at the top.

I googled looking for decreasing a 60 stitch in the round hat - and your post came up... Clrarly, you're my guru!


Knit-O-Matic said...

I think the hat itself may have sold. If so, I will try and whip out a new one sometime soon. Its always good to have a few basic hats in inventory anyway. I will take a picture of the top when I do.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank you, guru!

Anonymous said...

I DID IT!! I was hesitant since this was my first time decreasing on ribbing, and I didn't fully understand how it was going to work. I just jumped in and tried it and it worked great!

I split the work onto 2 circular needles between decreaes rows 4 and 5. I also did one more decrease row (I slipped one stitch from one needle to the other to have 6 stitches on one and 4 on the other - then decreased down to 3 and 2 on each, before cutting the yarn and pulling them all off onto the yarn needle).

I'm very happy with the results.

Thanks again for this post! :-)

carbiebash said...

Hi....what do you mean when you say to work one row even? Thanks

Nancy Auvil said...
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Nancy Auvil said...

Hi. I dont remember what I posted two years ago, but I made two of these hats for my grandsons. They are adorable in black and neon green. The directions are very easy to follow and thank you for sharing this pattern as I was looking for an easy way to decrease ribbing.