Saturday, September 4, 2010

Godzilla Goes on a Road Trip - pt 1

We had company with us on the car ride to and from St. Louis this weekend. He was well behaved and quiet on the way there, but he was a little restless on the way back, so I took some pics.First he didn't want to go straight home so he tried to take a chunk out of the GPS.

Next he decided that since we are on the brink of fall he needed to step up his fashion sense. So he put on the hat I knit at the Cardinals game the night before (pattern to be posted soon). He found it a bit overwhelming, although I'm not sure why.

Then Godzilla decided to knit for a bit. He prefers size 15 needles because he doesn't have the patience for small knitting.
Then it was his turn to drive, which was fine with me because I hate driving.
But driving was exhausting so he decided to take a nap after that. It was my neck pillow he slept on though, so I was a little jealous.

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