Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update on the organizing

People who know me know I am a clutter-y type person. I am. But I do get a wonderful sense of peace when everything is neat. I am just resistant to the actual cleaning that makes the neatness occur. I made some progress in the big old craft room yesterday. Not as much as I wanted, but some. It's going to take eons to wind all of the yarn, but its nice to get each skein out, re-familiarize myself with what all is in my stash and imagine what to do with it all. I know it will take years to knit it all, even if I never buy another skein again, but it's lovely to imagine all of the possibilities. That's what a stash is, it's a pile of possibilities. I am hoping that as I go through and wind everything and re-sort it all that I end up closer to realizing some of those possibilities.

I think one whole basket will be a goal to knit up for Indie Emporium, mostly into hats. I am excited to have my hats and stitch markers along side Bridgette's beautiful yarn, so if you live in Tulsa you better come. Oct 29 - 30.

I think another pile will be single skeins I want to knit up for myself or Ben. I have rediscovered so many of the indulgent single skeins, many received from exchanges, that I had been saving for 'something special.' Time to pick a skein or two and and make a couple of those somethings special. That basket will be mostly blue with a few jewel tones scattered throughout since the vast majority of my exchange partners have sent my yarn in my favorite color. :-) It's a good thing he wears a lot of blue too.

I think I need to also remind myself what yarn I have sweater quantities of and be sure to add it to my ravelry stash page so as I look through patterns I can look at what I already have to use. And soon I should let Ben pick out a sweater, cause he married me so no more curse (he's just stuck with me).

And my brain has carried me away again on all the possibilities and things I want to knit. If only I could knit full time. Oh well, one can dream.

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