Monday, September 6, 2010

Cleaning and Organizing this giant pit

There is so much I want to do, so many ideas in my head. But this morning I need to set those aside a minute to try and get my workspace into something resembling a place I could maybe, I dunno, work. That would be good. We'll start with my craft table, since it should be the easiest to tackle as the least amount of just junk has been stacked on it.

But if you look underneath....eep. See all that FGF yarn in that tub? Yep, gotta knit that up soon! And the tub under that has yarn too. I need to get in there and sort all that yarn, remind myself what I have. But that will have to wait until after the room as a whole is clean. After the short project of clearing the craft table off comes a slightly larger project of cleaning off the guest bed that occupies on side of the room. Currently it looks like this.
Fun, huh? At least its mostly yarn. The bed is used more for blocking than for guests, but that doesn't really bother me. I mostly need it to be cleaned off so I have a surface on which to do the great yarn sorting. But oh lordy the thing that comes next!
Yeah, under there, thats my desk. Really and truly, I swear its under there somewhere. That will take the longest. At least there is one part of the room that always stays relatively neat and I can turn around and gaze at its beauty.
Yep, its a wall of yarn. There is yarn in all those totes and they are all sorted and labeled, although I might include them all in the great yarn sort just so I can make sure I remember what all is in each and every tote and what I might want to use to do what and this and that. you know?

So, yep, y'all know what I'm gonna be doing today.

But other things I want to get to soon: (when I find the time)

Designing tags for my hats and stitch markers that I will be selling at Indie Emporium at the Farm Girl Fiber booth.

Sewing buttons onto said hats.

Winding all of my unwound yarn so that its ready at anytime for grab and go.

oh yeah, maybe some good old knitting would be good too....

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