Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finishing What You Start

Last night was a night of doing those things that I have neglected along the way. Some of them because I dislike doing them (weaving in ends) and some of them because I have a hard time making a decision (sewing on buttons). So here are some finished product pictures. For real this time, I didn't just tuck the loose ends up underneath so you couldn't see them. :-)I love this big wooden button on this pinch hat. I didn't have much make-up on, and I have ugly chapped, cracked lips, so no full face shots for you today. My mother did a seed stitch variation of this hat that turned out great, I think I am going to have to try that. I do love the way the pinch gives a little point of interest by the face.
I need to get some models for my work. Maybe the Heathers would model for me one day. The 3x3 hat is super comfy, by the way.

And so is the Just Because Cowl. It's wrapped 3 times in this picture and its not tight, just super soft and cozy.
And here is the Sampler Style Casual Cowl hanging loose. I can be wrapped another time around for super warmth. It's semi-snug at 2 wraps, so it would have to be pretty cold outside.

The Slipping Away Cowl is one of my favorites. I think it's partially because of the slip stitch pattern and partially because I really love the look of the yarn. This is a nice tall cowl, but when you let go of it then it falls into an elegant smoosh. I think it will be great for cool and windy days. I also think it will look good with a wide variety of clothing.

Part 2 coming up shortly because I haven't convinced blogger to let me put more than 5 pictures in a post without blowing up.

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