Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finishing What You Start - Continued

More finished-for-real items from last night.This beanie/slouchy hat/thing is super comfy also. I was surprised, given where it sits, that it stays on my head fairly well.
I think the light blue and brown and tan button works with this light beige and aqua pinch hat.
And I went with a dark brown button here because there was no way to match the almost-gold tone of the yarn perfectly.
And this is what Riley did while I was hard at work. I am sure he would tell you he was just guarding the yarn, but he was definitely asleep on the job.

I need to make an effort to weave in ends as I go. Maybe someday I will sew together that Strictly Business Purse I felted 3 years (or more) ago. Geez, I think I felted that while I was still in California. Help! I have a finishing problem. But I am going to work on it, I swear.

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