Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Mine was great and I hope yours was too!

There are so many pictures that I will have to do multiple posts.  This is the awesome Christmas tree that the sweet and wonderful Ben bought me.  :-)  He's awesome.
Stockings stuffed and waiting!
Stockings hung on the mantle.  Both variations on a fairly simple on-line free pattern.  I think they came out awesome.  :-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Super Ski Trip

It was cold, but fresh powder every day made for excellent skiing. I'm the one all the way to the left in the picture, if you couldn't tell. We went to Wolf Creek, Colorado. And we drove there, so I had lots of knitting time in the car both going there and coming home as well as every evening in the cabin. I got lots of Christmas knitting done, but for fear that someone who has yet to receive their gifts might see, I will wait to post about it until after christmas. Now I need to spend lots of time tucking in ends. I get car sick, so I couldn't spend that much time looking down and focusing on tiny things, like weaving in ends, in the car. Simple knitting I can do because it doesn't require looking. I probably should have tucked in ends at the cabin, but I was obsessed with cranking the stuff out. But now I have to be careful about what I work on where so the recipient doesn't walk in and see. I may have to do some of the end tucking in at night on christmas eve when I have some alone time. Tonight I have a little felting to do, and I'm really excited about this one, can't wait to post all about it. I got 7 whole projects done on that trip, so I feel very accomplished. I tell you what though, as soon as christmas is over I am going to make myself something. Like maybe those fingerless gloves I bought the yarn for 2 years ago and haven't made yet. Ok, really it was only a year and a half, I think. Its sock yarn, so tiny needles, I'm sure it will take some time, but I have wanted them forever. The only fingerless gloves I've made so far were for my sister for graduation. I actually meant to make a friend of my some for christmas and totally forgot. Who knows, maybe while I am doing the family thing christmas eve I can whip out a pair really fast. Like maybe one of the patterns from one of the one skein wonders books. I have all 3. But now, time to work to earn the money to pay for the yarn.

Happy knitting and happy holidays to all! (oh, and by the way, I am very excited that some old friends here in town have decided to take up the craft and new addictions are forming. I can't wait to have some quality knitting time with all of them. And I super really a lot miss my So Cal girls.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Knitting

Originally uploaded by moonlightpixy
I still haven't taken pictures of the stockings hanging up or even of the third stocking at all, but back before I made that one I took this picture fo my Christmas knitting. Since then I have added 2 more (and brighter) washcloths to the stack and the third stocking. What I can't decide is if the washcloths will be gifted or if I want to keep them for myself and put them in my guest bathroom. Or put the 2 bright ones in the guest bathroom and the more muted one in the kitchen. I usually have a dishcloth laying out in front of the coffee pot to catch drips and that muted dishcloth would add a nice christmas-y accent there. We shall see.

I've been doing a whole lot of gift knitting, so I can't really talk much about it. Wouldn't want people to stumble over this way and find out what they're getting. I love giving presents and there are a few in particular that I am really excited to give this year. :-) I really hope that the receiving parties like them as much as I think they will.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cabled Christmas Stocking

Slowly but surely I will get all these pictures up, I swear.

So anyway, this is the stocking Ben picked out as his. This was a fun one to make and, as I mentioed before, a variation on the white one with twisted cables instead of wavy cables. And this time the cables were seperated by purls instead of just being part of the all stockinette fabric. I'm really glad Ben likes it. It should stretch nicely to fill up with goodies.

I actually went and bought the stocking hangers last night, so I will try and take a picture of them all hanging from the mantle tonight. It looks really nice.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OSU Stocking

Originally uploaded by moonlightpixy
Real quick, here is the OSU stocking I made and donated to the silent auction fundraiser. I was told it did really well, but I never found out how much it actually sold for. My mother made a felted OSU purse that was really pretty and donated it. OK, got a meeting, gotta go!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OMG, has it really been that long since I posted?!?

I guess it has. The baby mentioned in the previous post has been born and all is well there.
I've been knitting up a storm recently. But first, take a look at my cutie. He's adorable, isn't he?

So anyway, here we have the first stocking. Its a lovely white wavy cable pattern, but I really like twisted cables better. It knit up really fast though and I am happy with the size.

I decided for the second one to alter the pattern and make twisted cables instead of wavy cables, but the stocking uses the same basic patter and is therefore the same basic size and shape. I'll post finished pictures of this one soon, its really pretty and happens to be the one Ben picked out as his stocking. The heel and toe are green and I really like it. The one that is my stocking has a red top, a green leg with cables and ribbing, and a red foot. The white stocking was just some old icky acrylic, but I got some inexpensive Vanna's Choice to do the other two stockings and it knit up really nicely. One day I may make intricate nicer stockings, but for now I'm really happy with the ones I have. :-) Now I just need to get some pretty silver stocking hangers and hang them from the mantle.
I spent the last week and some odd days in Midwest City with Tulsa Ballet Theatre doing the Nutcracker and I got a lot of quality present knitting done backstage. More on all of that after the gifts have been given. I guess thats really all I will be doing for the rest of the month, lots of presents still to knit. And when I give up and admit that I won't actually get to all of them then there will be all that last minute shopping. Oh well, I love christmas. :-) I love to shop for people and find just the right thing. Or knit just the right thing. I love when people really love a gift and you can tell. And while its not about getting gifts, I also love when you open a package and the gift inside shows that the person who gave it to you really knows you and had some insight in to what you would just love to have or what you desperately wanted but wouldn't buy for yourself. Its always a nice feeling to be reminded that someone really knows you or really listens. Am I making any sense?!? Sum it all up with I Love Christmas. :-)

I will try and remember to get on and post more pictures of the stockings, especially once they are hung. And then there is the orange and black stocking I did for the OSU silent auction fundraiser thingie.
So much to do, so little time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little hats

These are the cute little hats I gave Stacy at her baby shower.  Not much time to expand upon it right now, but pictures are fun anyway.
Baby bonnet from last minute knitted gifts
Umbilical cord hat from Stitch n' Bitch

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas Cheer

After getting past my cousin's wife's baby shower this past weekend, I am finally focusing on Christmas. Its my first Christmas in my new house, so monday night I started a pretty white cabled stocking and last night I almost finished it, so I am hoping tonight to get the last of it done and start a second one. I need at least three: me, Riley and Ben. I haven't decided which one is who's yet, but I was originally thinking the white one would be mine. I like white christmas stockings. But we'll see how they all come out. Riley doesn't really care what his looks like, as long as it ends up filled with chew toys.

Depending on how quickly I'm able to whip out these stockings, I may also make one to donate to a charity silent auction that is the weekend before Thanksgiving. Maybe.

All Christmas presents this year have to be small. Not a ton of knitting time left. Lots of hats and things. I think I will have to wait until next year to make myself a tree skirt, there just isn't time.

There is a Talia Vest knit-along starting in the Loops ravelry group that I would really love to join in, if I wasn't so far behind. If only it was starting in January. Oh well, hopefully I'll get around to that at some point. I have 4 lovely skeins of blue and brown malabrigo that might be just lovely for that. I also have a solid navy in another yarn that might be good. Maybe I'll have to swatch and see that looks better in the pattern once I get that far.

Well, I guess I should get moving so I can go home and knit, knit, knit!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

People suck, but I have the world's most wonderful boyfriend

So on Tuesday while I was working to load-in Neil Diamond, some jerk walked of with my backpack, including my purse and a whole lot of knitting.  One thing was a baby gift I was rushing to finish for a shower that in just over a week.  The other things were Christmas presents.  I was more mad about the knitting than anything else.  I was really hoping they would just take the wallet or purse and ditch the bag full of yarn and needles and knitting books.  They really don't need or probably even want my yarn.  Jerk.

So anyway, while I was at my office yesterday my really wonderful boyfriend went to Loops and bought everything he could remember and identify from my backpack so I could start the baby gift again and have the christmas present yarn.  And then he got me a gift card to get the needles and other little things he couldn't be sure of.  He even found the book I was using for the baby pattern.  Ben is wonderfulawesomeamazingspectacular!  

So I have a lot of knitting ahead of me, some of it a bit tedious, I will admit, but I have the comfort of knowing that I have a wonderful man who understands me and supports me and cares about my obsessive hobby and my mental health.  And who is brave enough to walk into a yarn store alone.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have started making lists, both of presents to give and what I want. As always, I got a late start. And as always, there is so much more I want to make than I have time for. This having to work at work thing really puts a crimp in my knitting style. And there are so many knitting things on my christmas list, I know I won't get them all. Shelley's friend Wendy's new book is on my christmas list, as well as the KnitPicks Harmony wood needles and some sock blockers. Yarn is always a welcome present too. The list of other pattern books I want is so long someone might think I was starting my own library. That new Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders book looks like it will be awesome, I love the first two. I have made a number of gifts from their patterns. I would love to knit Riley a little sweater this winter, but only if he can get to wear he doesn't mind wearing clothes. I'd hate to make him one and have him tear it up. Oh, back to christmas, I want to make stockings for my house. This will be my first Christmas in my own house and I want to hang stockings that I knit from the mantle. So if anyone has or knows of any neat christmas stocking patterns (free ones unless they are just soooooo cool you can't stand it, I'm on a budget), let me know. :-)

I guess I should do some work. Gotta support the yarn habit.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tunic and Gaiter Pics

Here is the Tunic, finally.  Its not exactly what I wanted/pictures.  The neck is too wide to wear it by itself, so it will have to be layered over something, but it is kind of flowy.  I was really just looking for something hippie-style to lounge in, so we'll see.  There are still a few ends hidden on the inside that I haven't tucked in yet.  By the time I get around to that it will probably be cold here.  Oh well.
Below are gaiters number 1, 2 & 3.  I still have a fourth one to make.  Its going to be all green, I think.  The cashmerino is sooooo nice too work with and hopefully the guys will think its nice to wear.  :-)
And this is poor Riley dressed up in his Halloween shirt.  He's not sure how he feels about wearing clothes.  Its getting colder in the morning though and he doesn't seem to like to be cold much, so maybe he'll take to the clothes more as the temperature drops.  I hope so, because I'd like to knit him a little sweater.  :-)  
Not a whole lot else going on.  Working on trying to finish a number of things and thinking about what there is still time to make people for christmas.  Its ridiculous how much time flies.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I put the second sleeve on my tunic last night and is adorable. I pulled it on over my jeans and t-shirt though and my dad said I looked 12. Not like it was the first time I've heard something like that. But anyway, I still have to tuck all the pesky little ends in and take some pictures of it. I mostly made it for something loose and comfy to lounge in my mother and one of the other knitting ladies were already accessorizing it in their heads with leggings and t-shirts and other things. We shall see.

Pictures soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A lazy Sunday

Yesterday I slept in forever after the Eagles load-out at the new BOK center in town.  Once I did manage to get out of bed and get some coffee in me, I still wasn't motivated to do a whole lot but sit on the couch, which turned out to be the perfect thing to do all day because I managed to get in a lot of quality knitting time, which I had been sorely missing recently.  I only have one sleeve left to go on my summer shift from Speed Knitting.  Its going to be a big and floppy and furry and silly dress/tunic to lay around in since I used that slightly furry ribbon yarn instead of the cotton it called for.  I need to take some pictures of it.  I also worked on some present-y stuff at dinner (yay for Pie Hole and goat cheese & pineapple pizza) and I am almost done with the gift I have been toting around in my purse for the last few weeks.  Hopefully it is well received, but I have to wait a month or so to find out.  

I've missed my thursday night knitting group for the past month and I'm going to miss it again this week because I have a meeting that night.  I'm starting to feel bad for not showing up, but people keep scheduling things for thursday night.  Maybe I'll get there next week.  I am hoping we have monday night knitting tonight because I can totally finish the last sleeve and maybe get the ends tucked in on the tunic and then I could maybe finish the present and tuck the ends in on that and be ready to either start something new or go back and pick up one of my in-progresses.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not enough hours in the day

I don't knit nearly as much as I want to. I've been working on some presents recently, took a break to work on something for me, the cap sleeve tunic out of speed knitting, which is going to be very funky since I subbed a slightly furry ribbon yarn for the smoother cotton that was called for. I need to get back to the bigger of the many presents currently on the needles. But I think I am going to have to go purchase more yarn for that one, I way underestimated. Carrying small, ribbed in the round projects, like the gaiters I mentioned before, is still going pretty well, it just means I haven't added anything to my dishcloth collection recently, so I hope I don't suddenly need to put together a bunch of gifty things. I am totally behind on a couple of exchanges. I owe this totally wonderful chic Stacy a headband and I am totally going to get it to her even though its monster late. I need to get all the stuff for the Theatrical Crafters exchange and send it off. The mailing deadline is saturday. Eeek. Maybe I can do that tonight. I need to make myself a to do list. I make them at the office, so I guess it wouldn't be totally out of the question to make one to take home. I don't think I'll commit to any more exchanges any time soon, I just get too far behind and then i feel bad about it.

Ok, I guess I should work to support the yarn habit. And all my other new habits. Ben offered to teach me to throw a pot. Pottery has always appealled to me, so that could be very cool. And I've also been thinking more and more about looking into looms.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Road Trip and Brandi's Big Bad Baby Blanket

Isn't it pretty?  This is the Big Bad Baby Blanket out of the first Stitch N Bitch book except its HUGE and done in single row stripes of the creamy yellow cottontots (used single) and a fingering weight cream with a dk weight white terry clothish  yarn held together.  I did it on size 10 needles and I think it came out just perfect.  The texture of the finished product is awesome, and I'm really big on texture.
A last minute trip up to Illinois for the weekend had me running around going "what am I going to knit?!?!"  Well, this is my beautiful road-trip knitting sitting on the dash.  The blue thing is the second gaiter, all done.  The green is the beginning of a present that I actually don't need for a couple more months, but a head start can't hurt and it was easy car knitting that I didn't have to look at.
And, although not knitting related, this sunset was pretty as we were driving back.

I had thought about starting the summer shift from Speed Knitting while on the trip, if I finished up the present I was working on.  I came close, but didn't quite finish, probably because I napped.  Naps are good though.  So anyway, I cast on for that last night at knitting at my mom's and only got a couple rows done.  It should go pretty quick (hence the name of the book) if I can just get a chance to work on it.  I just needed a quick break from the monster-size project I've been working on the last month.

I guess I better go to work so I can support my yarn habit.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cashmerino Gaiters

I wanted a quick and easy take-along-in-your-purse type project that wasn't a washcloth.  Don't get me wrong, I do want to keep my stash of washcloths in good working order for all those emergency presents, but I wanted to do something else for a little while.  I had a whole bag of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in the undesignated stash, so I decided to make the super-simple Four Way Gaiter from One Skein Wonders.  There are at least 5 different people I am planning to make them for, maybe more.  The first one only took a couple solid hours of knitting time.  I did have to check my gauge and modify the pattern since it was written for dk weight yarn, but it came out super soft and comfortable.  I cast on 58 stitches on the one I made for me and I will probably do the same for the other girl one.  I cast on 62 stitches on the one I just started and will likely stay at that for all the guy ones.  

I spent last night tucking in ends on the baby blanket I made for my friend Brandi.  Since we are supposed to have lunch this week I'd like to give it back to her to keep this time.  (I gave it to her at the shower but took it away again to finish).  Anyway, I just love the texture of it, so I'll be posting pictures soon!  And I hope to get a picture of her wiggleworm in the blanket after she's born.  I always ask people for pictures of their kids in or with whatever I made, but I rarely seem to get them.  Oh well.  It would just be fun to have them and keep them in an album.  I usually also ask for pictures of the people I make afghans for with their afghans.  I get those more often, but lots of times its because I am standing there to insist.  

Ok, I should be getting ready for work and another lovely 100+ degree day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

need a new groove

Well, since Phantom ended I have been a less than prolific knitter. I had two gifts that did not meet their deadlines in the last couple weeks. One came really close. Its a baby blanket that I am making for my friend Brandi. I still wrapped it up and gave it to her at the shower, but then I had to steal it back. It just needs a few more rows and all the little yarn ends woven it. She and her huby Matt both like it though, so thats awesome. :-) Its yellow and white and cream. The white and cream are held together and the yellow is cottontots and its the pattern from the first stitch n bitch book but done in single row stripes. Does that make any sense? Well, anyway, the other present I was working on is so far from done that I did NOT wrap it up and go ahead and give it. But I am working furiously to finish it so I can give it. If I would just sit down and do at least a row or two every night then it would certainly get done. I also fear I may run out of yarn and I am hoping that whatever the current dye lot is that the store has matches closely enough. This is chancey since the color is navy, but oh well. You gotta do what you gotts do. Anyway, there is, as usual, so much I want to do and so little time to do it in. And I just keep adding to the long list of things I want to make for people.

Ok, back to work in order to support the yarn habit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things knit during phantom

I knit a few presents for some of the road guys. They were great to work with and while I know they appreciated the endless amounts of cookies I made them, the washcloths are something they could keep.

State of Texas Flag Washcloth for Keith. Keith ran spot 5 and asked the phantom all kinds of random questions for us.
Phanton mask washcloth for Jim. Jim was the guy who called my spot cues every night.
First attempt at the phantom mask washcloth. I used size 5 needles and it turned out super tiny, so I went up to size 6's for the one above. I ended up keeping the small phantom mask for myself as my own souvenier.

I also made a red, white, and blue washcloth in the moss rib pattern for Kevin but I accidentally deleted the picture of it. :-( It was the peaches and cream verigated, not the sugar and cream self striping. He made such a huge fourth of July display outside the pyro room, it seemed only fitting. Anyway, it turned out pretty and I think he liked it.

Of course, there were other things knit during phantom as well. It was here for a month, after all. Pretty soon I'll get the pictures up of Tevin's wedding present and Brandi's baby blanket.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to it

Well, Phantom is over and I'm really sad to see it go. I am sooo behind on all the summer knitting I planned and daydreamed about though that I plan to fill all of that vacant time with knitting. Besides, knitting awesome stuff will distract me from being sad the show is over. They say once you do something 21 times in a row it becomes a habit. So having a show in for a month (32 performances) is just long enough to get totally used to it being around and get to know all the people and get used to them being around and then in one long, exhausting over-night loud-out, ::poof!:: its gone. :-( Don't get me wrong here, its not like I didn't knit at all. In fact, I knit a lot during the shows, its just that I kept coming up with other things I needed to knit besides the things I planned to knit. In fact, if I would just go get my camera and hook it up, there would be pictures of all of those neat-o things I knit. Maybe I'll do that here in a little bit. Tonight I worked on a present that I seriously hope I get done in time and as soon as I finish that there is another present that I am pretty damn sure I won't finish in time, but it won't stop me from trying anyway. Tomorrow I have yoga, but thursday I totally plan to be back at Loops knitting with my aunt's group, so if you are Loopy I hope to see you there!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Between regular accounting work and Phantom, I haven't had much time to knit. For the first time ever, I might not meet an afghan deadline (there are plenty of other deadlines I've missed, but not an afghan. Odd, huh?). And there are soooooo many things I had planned on making this summer. But, alas, life gets in the way of knitting.

In an effort to be patriotic yesterday I took some nice red, white, and blue peaches and cream yarn with me to the party I went to and worked on a washcloth. I'm glad I didn't take anything more important with me because those Phantom guys set off sooooooo many fireworks that the whole block was covered in ash by the end of the night.

Ok, well, more updates soon! (I hope)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kelly's Wedding Afghan

Ok, so I know I've been busy. I meant to post these the other day but then I ran out of time and had to dash out the door. So here are the pictures of the Comedy / Tragedy Mask Afghan. The center design is based on a washcloth pattern and the outside borders are just seed stitch and garter stitch. Chillin on the rocking chair at home.
Almost done and hanging on the couch at Loops.
All finished, laying over the couch at home. The faces don't show up very well in this picture, but the color is pretty true. As you can see in the last picture, I repeated the theatre mask design twice. If I had wanted to, I could have done a little less stockinette stitch on each end and repeated the design three times. I think it turned out really well and Kelly really seemed to love it. :-) I ended up giving it to her and Jason at the rehearsal dinner because I wanted to see them open it. Selfish of me, but whatever.

There is so much I am working on right now. Wedding presents for at least two other couples. three if I start the other thing I have in mind soon and some miscellaneous presents. I need to start my knit headband for the exchange I'm doing this month, sorry Stacy, I know you are much more on top of it than I am.

Well, I should go to work. Even though I don't want to. Humbug. But I guess I have to pay for the yarn somehow.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finally, pictures of Taylor's Gradutation Presents

Its taken me forever to get around to it, but here are the things I made my sister for graduation. Odd presents to give someone in April, but the theme was looking at how cold she's going to be next year in South Bend. The fingerless glove pattern is out of Designer One Skein Wonders. I think they turned out grea.t I love the fake fair isle yarn. :-) And its pretty soft. If I had it to do again though I would make both the hand part and the wrist part a little longer.
There was no way I was going to try and make them both the same as far as where in the color pattern they fell!

Next is this cabled hat from Interweave Knits.
The varigated yarn makes it hard to see the cable detail in a picture, but in person it stands out, especially when its stretched on someone's head. The pattern was called snowball and it had a huge pompom. I'm pretty anti-pompom though, so I left it off.
Next I model the Calorimetry I made with the leftover malabrigo from the hat. The pattern is from Knitty and seems to be fairly popular. On my next one I will cast on fewer stitches though, following the advice of my new friend at Loops who made on for her son's girlfriend, who also happens to be a friend of mine. Very confusing. Anyway, the pattern as written turns out pretty big, which is great for my sister who has TONS of hair, but not so great for me.
The button has a heart stamped on it. I thought it was cute. I got it at the Village Knittery last time I was in TO.
This last picture is just to show what one skein of malabrigo worsted can do. I only had a few yards leftover when all was said and done, it was practically perfect. :-)
So there you have it, just over a month late. :-P Now on with my day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Loops on a Sunday

Sometime mid-afternoon, hours after the insane storm with 70-80 mph winds whipped through Tulsa, I decided I needed a break from working on the house and that I needed some good quality knitting time without my demanding little furball jumping all over me so I headed down to loops to sit four a couple hours. :-) I'm so close to being finished with my current project it hurts. Seriously. And there will be pictures here soon, I promise. If you're on Ravelry there are already plenty of pictures there, but I wouldn't want to spoil the suprise by posting them here for the whole world to see.

The Malabrigo warehouse fire was discussed at length and we are all super-sad. And because of this news, my new friend Knittedzebra decided she better get more of the yarn she needs to finish her current project. And, of course, the last skein of purple malabrigo turned out to have some serious issues. So the pictures below show everyone trying to sort out the skein's "issues." Not only was it poorly wound, but there were four ends in the mess. I think they spent a half an hour dealing with this mess. Isn't that always the way? When its the last skein, and you know there's no more coming in any time soon, thats when there are problems.

Its a good thing Malabrigo is so soft and pretty and knits up so well, otherwise this might have been a total turn off. I'm still glad I bought those 4 skeins a couple weeks ago, but I hope when I go to wind them that they don't bear any similarity to this mess.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Craft Room

After a conversation with Hilton about discipline, which actually had nothing to do with the number of yet-to-be-unpacked boxes laying around my house, and a good nights sleep, I woke up yesterday morning totally focused and motivated to get the craft room / office useable. To appease the hyper little puppy I turned off the a/c and left the back door open so he could run about, which made for a very sweaty day. First I unpacked and cleared out almost ALL of the boxes from the room, which was pretty full when I started. Then I got the craft table in place in front of the window and went to move the desk in from the guest room. Getting that HUGE desk to turn that little corner was a feat of physics requiring the removal of both doors and some pretty fancy manuevers and lifting on my part. I thought about waiting for help, but I really, really wanted to get it done. I stacked all of the canvas bins of yarn by the craft table and look at the piles of yet-to-be-catagorized yarn still needing storage, I went through boxes of desk stuff, slowly putting things away, I went through clothes and added to the "goodwill" and "I wish" piles, I stacked the boxes of books together to await the arrival some day of a bookshelf, etc. And to reward myself at the end of it all, I threw down my yoga matt on the now clear floor and did a full hour before running off to my mom's to eat dinner and knit a little while.

So even though I didn't make it to Loops, or sit in front of the tv and knit, or any of those other things I thought about doing yesterday, it was a really good, productive day and i am totally excited about my new space. Having use of that room makes the house seem bigger. Its so odd.

Yay for my new craft room!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What to say

Its very difficult to post about things when you are working on a bunch of gifts. So pardon some of the generalities, I just don't want to give anything away. My biggest project that is on the needles right now, and if you want to see it and are on Ravelry, there is a pic there, is rocking right along and I don't have any real concerns about making the dealine. In fact, I hope to be done early and get to get a headstart on my next super big project. I also just made my friend a birthday present and I am about to finish my cousin's graduation present, but I can't post pictures of those until after they've been gifted. The graduation present was really a last minute whim, but it has knit up quickly and looks pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

In other news, I have been exploring all of my WIPs that are sitting around at various stages of (un)doneness. My Candle Flame Shawl I started last summer, the Kat's Pretty Pink Dress, also started then, etc. My last trip to Cali had me finishing up some things, most notably that second sock to complete my first pair of my very own. That sense of accomplishment as well as fondling lots of lovely sock yarn recently has renewed my interest in tiny stitches and the things we can make with them. And while I seriously enjoy the tiny little dpns, a conversation with a lovely knitter at Loops recently has given me renewed interest in exploring the magic loop method, so I believe I will do my next pair of socks that way. I have a pair of nice long addi turbos in a size 1 all ready and waiting.

I have also recently been giving serious consideration as to what, if anything, I might want to knit to enter in the fair this year. I know its not until september, but to do anything of any major coolness I will need to decide and start soon.

Oh, and I bought more yarn. Four skeins of that pretty brown and blue malabrigo at Loops. I haven't figured out what to do with it yet, but it was talking to me and I had a giftcard burning a hole in my pocket.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


On the way to Dallas my mom read me the pattern and I whipped up a "C" washcloth (bride's initial), finishing it just before arriving. I would have finished it somewhere around the halfway point except I dozed. Car rides are good for naps. Anyway, there would have been plenty of time to get a good way into a "D" cloth (groom's initial) except we hit Dallas stop & go traffic and that made me nauseous all on its own, so I had to put the knitting down. It was sad. And then I decided knitting at the wedding might be considered rude, so I didn't do it. I did manage to finish the "D" the next morning while we were visiting with my dad's cousin and his wife (bride's parents) and get all the little ends on all the cloths nice and tucked in (I took a couple of the nice self striping orange, brown, cream I had already in my dishcloth stash) and make a nice little pile of washcloths to leave as my wedding present. :-) And then I totally forgot to take pictures! And the C & D cloths were really cool with cream centers and chocolate brown borders (go me, with the colorwork, which I almost never do). I did them that way because the dishes they registered for are the same dishes I have except in brown instead of blue. They have a dark ring on the outside and fade to lighter in the middle. :-) I also, moron that I am, forgot to take a care card to attach to the dishcloths, so I told the bride's mom that they should just throw them in the washer and drier like any other washcloth. Hopefully they get the memo. And hopefully they use them. I get irritated when people tell me dishcloths are too nice to use. Grrr. Ok, I guess I better get ready for work!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Going on a car trip

and you know what that means! Knitting time. Lots of it. The only catch is that I can only knit things that I can do without a pattern or having to keep track of very many things. I can't read or write in the car or I make myself sick. I think on today's adventure that I will make a set of washcloths as a last minute present. We'll see how many I can get done by the time I reach my destination!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Computer Meltdown at LYS

Loops computer crashed. Which means they lost their giftcard info. Which sucks because a) I had $100 in Loops cards, of which I had only spent about $15 and b) Mom has a card she can't find right this second. Why does this suck so much? Because they are asking everyone to redeem their giftcardsin 30 days by bringing either the little folder they came in (which I seriously doubt I kept) or a reciept for any partially used cards that would show the balance left on the card (also doubt I kept). I was saving the cards until I decided on a specific project so I could get all the yarn at once, now I feel like my hand is being forced. IF I can find the folders and the reciept I have to go in and use them quick, which is like bieng forced to pick something, even if its not the right something. The whole point of waiting was to be sure I got something I really, really wanted and now I have to pick from what they have right now. I guess I won't complain too much until I go look and I know its not their fault, but if I lose all this money because I didn't keep the little folders the cards came in, I'm going to be seriously upset.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Trip, etc.

Well, my trip was a lot of fun and I waaaay overpacked project-wise because, as you may have expected, while I was out there I picked up even more yarn. I got some lovely sock yarn, including some of that awesome Noro sock yarn, and some cotton & silk, and even some plain cotton for a tank top and other stuff that is for gifts so I don't really want to spill it all right here. I really, really enjoyed seeing all of my Cali knitting friends while I was out there and I even managed to finish the socks I started a little over a year ago. :-) I love the socks, I will try and post pictures of them soon. And I felt so super-accomplished when I finished them. They weren't my first finished pair, but the first sock of the pair was my first sock ever. But halfway through the second I had stopped working on them and started pair of socks for Cameron and then after I finished those I never got back to finishing my pair. I just love watching the rows of tiny stitched stack up on socks. Anyway, i had to borrow a bag from Shelley just to get home because of all of the yarn and other stuff I bought. :-)

I'm on Ravelry now, by the way. My name, shockingly, is knit-o-matic. So friend me if you are so inclined.

Now its time to get puppy and myself ready for bed. Night!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What to pack?

Its so hard to decide what knitting projects to pack for my trip. Do I want one big complicated project or a bunch of smaller projects? Its s lot of good quality knitting time and I do need to be working on some afghans, but do I really want to haul anything that big around with me? I have a couple of winter sweaters that I'm down to just needing to do the sleeves on, but do I want anything that hot to work on this time of year? Oh, the torture! Of course I'll throw some dishcloth yarn in my bag, just in case. Maybe I should just do another tank top, maybe even get from start to finish just on this trip. The problem is that the possibilities are endless and that just makes the decision more frustrating. Maybe I should do a pair of socks. Its been a while since I did a pair of socks. That would be small and easily transported. Hmmmm.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What'd you know, Pictures!

Ok, long ago, we'll call it February, I did a week at the PAC for the Tulsa Ballet. The hats and washcloth below are the fruit of my week's worth of side stage knitting. The light blue hat, the swirl hat, and the rippled multi-color hat are all to donate, some to chemo caps and some to the associated women for pepperdine bazaar. I just have to decide what is going where.
Here are my hats displayed on my mother's candle sticks. Pretty.

And my tank top! There were pictures of the day I wore it, but I refuse to post the front views owing to two icky icky zits! So the next time I wear it I'll be sure to get more pictures taken.

The back of my newly finished tank top. The pattern is from last summer's Interweave Knits and the yarn is actually Lion Cotton Ease.

And last but not least, here's another hat for my pile of hats to donate. I decided to model this one.
Right now I'm working on super top secret stuff, but there will be more updates soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And Stuff

I don't like that tax season means less knitting. :-P

I have managed to get a few things done recently though. I finished the tank top I was working on. My mom's knitting group decided to make shells and for them it will be their first article of clothing. So I decided to participate but I picked out a harder pattern than the one they were using. I really expected it to take longer because the pattern is out of Interweave Summer 07 and its the Lu-somethingoranother shell with and inverted v neck and lace straps/shoulders. Anyway, I got a lot done this weekend and I was so close to finishing on sunday evening that I just pushed through so I could wear it to work on monday. I'll post some pictures soon. I definitely didn't get enough sleep sunday night, but it was worth it.

Last night at knitting group I started a felted purse for a purse exchange with the TeaTimeKnitters group. I can't talk too much about it because I want my exchange partner to be suprised, but I started with a very basic pattern and I'm altering it quite a bit to give it an individual feel. Hopefully she will like it.

I've spent a lot of time sorting and catagorizing my yarn lately. I have 2 sets of 4 (so 8) canvas storage totes that my mom gave me for valentines and easter so I have been trying to neaten up the giant pile that has been occupying a very large space in my front bedroom. Its getting there. I have so much I want to do! I wish I could knit, knit, knit, all the time.

Ok, back to the tax grind.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Babies and forgetfullness

I went to 3 baby showers in less than a week and a half. The first one I really went to with my mom, so I gave her a blue washcloth with a sailboat on it to put with the present. The mom loved it, so that was fun.

The second was my awesome friend Molly's baby shower and its her third so I didn't do a blanket. Instead I did a tiny little hat in Cottontots and 2 washcloths (once sailboat, one BeeBeep) and paired that with some yummy lavendar bath.

The third was for a guy who I work with, his wife brought the baby up to work and we all had lunch. It was a totaly surprise to him, which was fun. Anyway, I went with an outdoor theme for that so I did 3 washcloths. One was a frog, one a dragonfly, and one a ladybug. :-) And since Molly was so happy with the lavendar bath and baby was I went back and got some more to put with the washcloths. :-)

But I totally forgot to take pictures of the stuff for the last 2. Molly said she would take some pictures of the stuff I gave her, so I'll at least have those at some point. But all the washcloths I made for the guy were patterns I had done before, so I guess its not a big deal.

Now I am working on an exchange purse that I hope to get done and felted and mailed off in a reasonable amount of time and a couple of presents for people with upcoming birthdays and such.

Between tax season and the theatre I really haven't had much time to knit lately. But this weekend I plan to sit myself down and relax with some yarn, some needles, my sweetie and a movie.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Frustrated a bit

I can't find the pattern to the tank top I'm working on. The knitting group that meets at my mom's on monday nights are all working on a shell. Its the first clothing item for most / all of them, so I thought I would participate in the group project and make a tank top too, but I have misplaced my pattern, which is of course different from and more complicated than theres. Its from Interweave magazine and has wide lace straps that make kind of a high v neck. The magazine has to be somewhere in my car or house, but I haven't even come close to sorting through all of my yarn and other knitting stuff at the new house.

I also can't find my pattern for the bohemian tunic Ive been working on this winter. I need to finish the second sleeve so I can join it all together and then start the ragland shaping and the fold-over neck.

So I pulled out the v-neck sweater from the first stitch n bitch book that I started last year out of Rowan tapestry because I have finally unearthed the rest of that yarn (so it seems if I find something I lose something else). And I'm halfway through the second sleeve, so that I may be able to finish up pretty quick and sew together and actually wear while its still kind of cool. I guess I'll work on that tonight or the butterfly washcloth I started last night. I seem to be going to a lot of baby showers recently, so I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to have baby washcloths laying around. I gave my friend Molly 2 washcloths, the BeeBeep cloth and a sailboat and a cute little cottontots hat and baby lavendar bath for her baby shower on satruday. And today I gave the guy at our office who just adopted a baby boy 3 washcloths (frog, dragonfly, and ladybug) and baby lavendar bath. I was in such a knitting frenzy that I didn't manage to take pictures, but Molly is supposed to send me pictures of what I gave her.

Ok, I should really be working. But I'm sooooo sleepy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am piling all the yarn in one corner of one room so I can sort it and put it away in an organized and useful way, but its taking over! The mountain just keeps growing and growing and growing.... Good thing I love yarn!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I have a good excuse

OK, so I didn't post for like a month. But I have a really, really good excuse. Here it is: I bought a house, painted the house, packed up my junk, moved it to the house, and am now unpacking in the house. Yay for house! Its pretty and its in Jenks and I love it! I painted my kitchen red. Bright red. I must knit some place mats to match either the red kitchen or the blue dishes. The guest bathroom is brown walls with navy and gold sun, moon, & stars stuff, so I must knit some chocolate brown and/or navy washcloths to put in there. The beautiful afghan that my knitting friends in Cali made me decorates the guest bed. :-) My room is tan with burgundy accents. I must knit some burgundy pillow covers for little accent pillows. So much to do! Well, I beter get back to work so I can pay for it all!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Its so early in the year and already I have missed a week of posting. Oh well. I did do a lot of knitting though! I have almost finished a gift for a friend, details about that will be posted after I give it to the person, and I am almost done with my shawl for the TeaTimeKnitters shawl exchange. Its warm and cozy, I had it covering my legs while I worked on it last night because it was cold here. I really hope she likes it!

Here is a picture of the Transformers inspired washcloth I made and sent to my friend Brian in Cali. I meant to send it in time to be a Christmas present but because I got so busy and distracted I just sent it a couple weeks ago. He liked it and was able to see the picture. Yay!
In other news I finally went and bought a shorter pair of size 11 circular needles so I can get back to my bohemian tunic. Its time to start the sleeves! I can't wait to be able to wear it! Its so soft and wonderful to work on. And it makes me happy that Hilton likes the design too. :-)

Ok, off to work. But I really wish I didn't have to go to work and I cold just sit and knit all day. The new KnitPicks catalogue has me longing to knit all kinds of wonderful garmets and wishing to forsake all else to this cause. But, alas, no money = no yarn.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not Forgotten

These are some pictures that I have been meaning to post and not gotten around to or just plain forgotten to post after the gift was gifted .
This first picture is the Skinny Scarf Exchange scarf I made for Stacy. Its using the Lion Brand dishcloth stitch pattern and a lovely angora yarn.
And here the Christmas tree models the same scarf

Next are some dishcloths knit in the car. This may have been on the way to or from Abilene. Either before or after the table runner.

And these are the fall dishcloths I made with the TeaTimeKnitters group. The pattern was sent to me by my partner and the yarn also and then I got to decide how to use both. I think they came out nice.
Since I'm running late, thats about it for now. I'm still working on the bohemian tunic, although I need to go buy a shorter pair of size 11 circular needles in order to start the sleeves so I'm kind of stuck for the moment. But I am working on a gift also, so I guess I'll just focus there until I get those needles.

Friday, January 11, 2008

And stuff

The Bohemian Tunic continues to go well. Its really working up super fast so far, but I haven't done the sleeves yet and we all know how I hate sleeves. Although I was looking at the pattern again, the sleeves might be done in the round (pattern is in the car and I ain't gonna go double check) which would save the worst part of all, the sewing it up part. Very little is sewn on this sweater, which makes it extra awesome. The ragland sleeves are knit onto the body and only the underarm has to be sewn together. Super nice. And that KnitPicks Andean Treasure is sooooooo soft. I love alpaca!

I've started thinking about next projects, although really I should finish some old projects, but I have some gift cards to Loops and I was thinking about making the brown skirt out of Cables Untangled. Its kind of a diamond cable with fringe anround the bottom of the skirt. So I might buy the yarn for that with the gift card. Also, does anyone remember the hippie dress from the Green issue of Knit.1 last spring? I really want to make that too. They made it out of Lionbrand Organic cottong, but if I can get the same gauge out of Cottontots I will use that instead because a) its cheaper and the dress requires a lot of it and b) I already know that the cottontots washes well and c)there is a much bigger selection of colors. So we'll see. And then, of course, there are all the things I want to make that I already have the yarn for. Like that thermal from knitty that Shelley gave me the yarn for.

so much I want to do, so little time.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Last Week at Loops...

...a boxing champ came in. I happened to be the only person with a camera that was not part of their phone, so I took a picture for these Loopians.

In other news, the Bohemian Tunic is going well and I have started on another top secret project that I hope to finish and get on its way to its intended recipient quickly. :-) I'm running kinda late getting ready for work today, so thats about all you get.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


In case you were wondering, my new year's goal is to post here at least once a week. We'll see how long I'm able to keep up with that. Anyway, on with the hats!

First there is the hat I made Hilton for Christmas. Doesn't he look cute? I also made a matching scarf and I'm sure I'll have pictures to post of that eventually. It was a knit 2 purl 2 rib pattern, which makes it super stretchy and fit nicely. And I used the Bernat Denim Style yarn because its really really soft and has a nice look to it.
Next we have the hat my grandmother started for my cousin Mike but then gave me to finish. I'm not sure what yarn it is because she didn't leave the label with it, but I am guessing its either cascade tweed or Katmandu. I'm leaning more heavily towards the latter. The pattern was in the bag with it and its a simple pattern, knit flat with just a little shaping then sewn up. Most of the stretch is in the ribbed band at the bottom of the hat.

He says its super warm. The above hat is the first one I made and there was so much yarn leftover I made the one below. Because the first one was just a teensy bit big for Mike I made the second one a bit smaller, so the first one will probably go to his brother Ryan and Mike will keep the second. Or however they duke it out, as long as they each get one.

I finished that second one at a family gathering and I had lots of picture taking help and models. Notice my cousin Scott in the background.

And this is he wife Stacy modeling the finished hat in front of the fire place.

And there is Stacy again, still wearing the hat, this time sitting with my sister, Taylor.
It came really really close on the yarn, maybe 5 yards leftover after the second hat was all sewn up. But two hats is great for one ball of yarn. I didn't realize how quickly I could make hats until this past few weeks. I may actually have to make myself some. I have some hats that I crocheted over the years, but it would be cool to knit myself one. :-) I think I have more of that yummy angora laying around somewhere and that might be just the thing for it.
Ok, its bed time for me. Yay for hats!