Thursday, January 3, 2008


In case you were wondering, my new year's goal is to post here at least once a week. We'll see how long I'm able to keep up with that. Anyway, on with the hats!

First there is the hat I made Hilton for Christmas. Doesn't he look cute? I also made a matching scarf and I'm sure I'll have pictures to post of that eventually. It was a knit 2 purl 2 rib pattern, which makes it super stretchy and fit nicely. And I used the Bernat Denim Style yarn because its really really soft and has a nice look to it.
Next we have the hat my grandmother started for my cousin Mike but then gave me to finish. I'm not sure what yarn it is because she didn't leave the label with it, but I am guessing its either cascade tweed or Katmandu. I'm leaning more heavily towards the latter. The pattern was in the bag with it and its a simple pattern, knit flat with just a little shaping then sewn up. Most of the stretch is in the ribbed band at the bottom of the hat.

He says its super warm. The above hat is the first one I made and there was so much yarn leftover I made the one below. Because the first one was just a teensy bit big for Mike I made the second one a bit smaller, so the first one will probably go to his brother Ryan and Mike will keep the second. Or however they duke it out, as long as they each get one.

I finished that second one at a family gathering and I had lots of picture taking help and models. Notice my cousin Scott in the background.

And this is he wife Stacy modeling the finished hat in front of the fire place.

And there is Stacy again, still wearing the hat, this time sitting with my sister, Taylor.
It came really really close on the yarn, maybe 5 yards leftover after the second hat was all sewn up. But two hats is great for one ball of yarn. I didn't realize how quickly I could make hats until this past few weeks. I may actually have to make myself some. I have some hats that I crocheted over the years, but it would be cool to knit myself one. :-) I think I have more of that yummy angora laying around somewhere and that might be just the thing for it.
Ok, its bed time for me. Yay for hats!

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Shelley said...

Hats are fun, and addicting. Love yours! I like the crown on your gma's pattern. I made 4 hats and 7 hand warmer pairs. Mostly 2X2 ribbed handwarmers in the round, and a flat cabled one from knitpicks. Then 4x4 cabled hats, mostly. One was the Swirly hat off Ravelry--my favorite. I made it in worsted Malabrigo. The other hats I made with Boku (like Silk Garden) or Cash Island (Noro). Most handwarmers were the same yarns.
Right now I'm doing socks for Emily's bday on Mon. It is a Lion cashmere blend I got at the good JoAnn's in Porter Ranch. It is a blend with wool and nylon, too, and is worsted= fast socks. So soft!
Thanks for posting all the pix!