Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not Forgotten

These are some pictures that I have been meaning to post and not gotten around to or just plain forgotten to post after the gift was gifted .
This first picture is the Skinny Scarf Exchange scarf I made for Stacy. Its using the Lion Brand dishcloth stitch pattern and a lovely angora yarn.
And here the Christmas tree models the same scarf

Next are some dishcloths knit in the car. This may have been on the way to or from Abilene. Either before or after the table runner.

And these are the fall dishcloths I made with the TeaTimeKnitters group. The pattern was sent to me by my partner and the yarn also and then I got to decide how to use both. I think they came out nice.
Since I'm running late, thats about it for now. I'm still working on the bohemian tunic, although I need to go buy a shorter pair of size 11 circular needles in order to start the sleeves so I'm kind of stuck for the moment. But I am working on a gift also, so I guess I'll just focus there until I get those needles.

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Shelley said...

You go with the swaps. I think I have gone 'no mail' on all the groups!
Can you use 2 circs for the sleeves? Or Magic Loop? Carol learned Magic Loop off the computer and showed it to me. Duh! I shoulda tried it before; it works like using 2 circs.