Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Spa Set

But first, the puppy. Yay for Puppy! His name is Samson, isn't he adorable? He's already substantially bigger than when we brought him home, but this picture was taken the very frist day he was home. Ok, the spa set. I made a basket using the felted basket pattern I bought at Eva's last winter but I used a slip stitch basket weave pattern instead of making it solid. Here is is pre-felting.
And here is post felting all filled up with 3 knit wash cloth, 1 coaster, a candle, and 2 yummy soaps. It holds its shape pretty well.

It was Heather Arnott's Christmas present this year. I was so late in finishing the basket though that I had to put it in the dryer, on the rack that keeps it from spinning and run warm air through it all day on christmas day. The washcloths are all different shade of light blue, one in the lion brand dishcloth pattern, one in the moss rib that has been so popular with some of the TOChicksWithSticks and one in a self-striping basic grandmother's favorite.

This is the second "spa set" I've done and they always seem to go over really well. The first one was different shades of browns and cream for the basket and tan and white for the cloths with vanilla bath fizzies and a vanilla candle and soap. It had a very natural feel to it. The pictures of that set are still on my mother's camera somewhere, who knows when I'll get them.
So far the Bohemian Tunic is going well. Its very soft and so nice to work on. I was worried about having to go down 2 needle sizes to get the gauge, but it seems to be coming out the right size so far, so I'm glad I did it.
My aunt Colleen gave me some pretty homemade beaded stitch markers for christmas. I'll have to take a picture of them sometime and post it. She did a good job with them, each one is different.

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Kat said...

LOVE the felted basket!

Thanks for taking the pictures last night at Loops--we didn't actually meet, but I'm Kat, back row left side. :-)