Friday, January 11, 2008

And stuff

The Bohemian Tunic continues to go well. Its really working up super fast so far, but I haven't done the sleeves yet and we all know how I hate sleeves. Although I was looking at the pattern again, the sleeves might be done in the round (pattern is in the car and I ain't gonna go double check) which would save the worst part of all, the sewing it up part. Very little is sewn on this sweater, which makes it extra awesome. The ragland sleeves are knit onto the body and only the underarm has to be sewn together. Super nice. And that KnitPicks Andean Treasure is sooooooo soft. I love alpaca!

I've started thinking about next projects, although really I should finish some old projects, but I have some gift cards to Loops and I was thinking about making the brown skirt out of Cables Untangled. Its kind of a diamond cable with fringe anround the bottom of the skirt. So I might buy the yarn for that with the gift card. Also, does anyone remember the hippie dress from the Green issue of Knit.1 last spring? I really want to make that too. They made it out of Lionbrand Organic cottong, but if I can get the same gauge out of Cottontots I will use that instead because a) its cheaper and the dress requires a lot of it and b) I already know that the cottontots washes well and c)there is a much bigger selection of colors. So we'll see. And then, of course, there are all the things I want to make that I already have the yarn for. Like that thermal from knitty that Shelley gave me the yarn for.

so much I want to do, so little time.

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Shelley said...

You always have exciting stuff on the needles. I'm working on #35's on a small lap-ghan for myself in Pooch (don't gag, my sister gave it to me), soy, bamboo (both Bernat), and some other pink wool & nylon blend from JoAnn's I had a bunch of balls of. All pinks. But the Pooch (don't buy yarn you can call a 'dog' right off the bat..)has orange and taupe in it, and the mystery yarn has hints of other pastels in it....shoot, I'll go look, a *lovely* JoAnn Sensations Bellezza Collection Canditi wool blend:60%wool, 40% nylon. So this project is kinda like the Speed Stix. I, of course, Murphy's Law, think I need to go buy more Pooch. Luckily Eva has it for $2 a ball! And I'll probably need more bamboo. I like the material it's making. Thick and stretchy. And warm!
I also have some socks in a lime from Knitpicks and a rectangular shawl (a lace pattern, we'll see how long this takes) in a forest Bretton heather from Patternworks. I'm trying the 2 sox at once on 2 circs. Not too hard, but I haven't even gotten to the heel yet. It would've helped if I'd remembered I cast on 50, not 40 when I started the rib after the cuff and it didn't really work out...I left it ;) So I have 1" of 1x1 cuff, a round of 2x2 ribbing, and then it switches to 2x3 ribbing. The goof round is not too pronounced. I hope I still feel the same by the time I finish them.