Wednesday, July 30, 2008

need a new groove

Well, since Phantom ended I have been a less than prolific knitter. I had two gifts that did not meet their deadlines in the last couple weeks. One came really close. Its a baby blanket that I am making for my friend Brandi. I still wrapped it up and gave it to her at the shower, but then I had to steal it back. It just needs a few more rows and all the little yarn ends woven it. She and her huby Matt both like it though, so thats awesome. :-) Its yellow and white and cream. The white and cream are held together and the yellow is cottontots and its the pattern from the first stitch n bitch book but done in single row stripes. Does that make any sense? Well, anyway, the other present I was working on is so far from done that I did NOT wrap it up and go ahead and give it. But I am working furiously to finish it so I can give it. If I would just sit down and do at least a row or two every night then it would certainly get done. I also fear I may run out of yarn and I am hoping that whatever the current dye lot is that the store has matches closely enough. This is chancey since the color is navy, but oh well. You gotta do what you gotts do. Anyway, there is, as usual, so much I want to do and so little time to do it in. And I just keep adding to the long list of things I want to make for people.

Ok, back to work in order to support the yarn habit.

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