Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to it

Well, Phantom is over and I'm really sad to see it go. I am sooo behind on all the summer knitting I planned and daydreamed about though that I plan to fill all of that vacant time with knitting. Besides, knitting awesome stuff will distract me from being sad the show is over. They say once you do something 21 times in a row it becomes a habit. So having a show in for a month (32 performances) is just long enough to get totally used to it being around and get to know all the people and get used to them being around and then in one long, exhausting over-night loud-out, ::poof!:: its gone. :-( Don't get me wrong here, its not like I didn't knit at all. In fact, I knit a lot during the shows, its just that I kept coming up with other things I needed to knit besides the things I planned to knit. In fact, if I would just go get my camera and hook it up, there would be pictures of all of those neat-o things I knit. Maybe I'll do that here in a little bit. Tonight I worked on a present that I seriously hope I get done in time and as soon as I finish that there is another present that I am pretty damn sure I won't finish in time, but it won't stop me from trying anyway. Tomorrow I have yoga, but thursday I totally plan to be back at Loops knitting with my aunt's group, so if you are Loopy I hope to see you there!

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