Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things knit during phantom

I knit a few presents for some of the road guys. They were great to work with and while I know they appreciated the endless amounts of cookies I made them, the washcloths are something they could keep.

State of Texas Flag Washcloth for Keith. Keith ran spot 5 and asked the phantom all kinds of random questions for us.
Phanton mask washcloth for Jim. Jim was the guy who called my spot cues every night.
First attempt at the phantom mask washcloth. I used size 5 needles and it turned out super tiny, so I went up to size 6's for the one above. I ended up keeping the small phantom mask for myself as my own souvenier.

I also made a red, white, and blue washcloth in the moss rib pattern for Kevin but I accidentally deleted the picture of it. :-( It was the peaches and cream verigated, not the sugar and cream self striping. He made such a huge fourth of July display outside the pyro room, it seemed only fitting. Anyway, it turned out pretty and I think he liked it.

Of course, there were other things knit during phantom as well. It was here for a month, after all. Pretty soon I'll get the pictures up of Tevin's wedding present and Brandi's baby blanket.

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shelley said...

Nice! Was it hard to find the Phantom mask? Do you still hear the music of the night in the, well, night?
I have been knitting chemo caps--floppy brim hat again (neopolitan colored yarn, and white/aqua/turqoise--both P&C.) Last night I did another spiral hat from Designer One Skein Wonders out of Love It (was it you who does in fact, love it?)~blue/green/purple. And started another one in denimy-colored Nostalgia yarn. Both those are some kind of cotton/acrylic/nylon stuff, and I got them at Fabric Town in Ventura (there was a perk to going to Eric's basketball tournament there!)The Nostalgia color is kinda ugly, although it has a pretty shimmer to it like one of those baby yarns... not the Satin. Hmm, can't remember its name, but I think you've used it before, and they sell it at Michael's.