Monday, March 10, 2008

Frustrated a bit

I can't find the pattern to the tank top I'm working on. The knitting group that meets at my mom's on monday nights are all working on a shell. Its the first clothing item for most / all of them, so I thought I would participate in the group project and make a tank top too, but I have misplaced my pattern, which is of course different from and more complicated than theres. Its from Interweave magazine and has wide lace straps that make kind of a high v neck. The magazine has to be somewhere in my car or house, but I haven't even come close to sorting through all of my yarn and other knitting stuff at the new house.

I also can't find my pattern for the bohemian tunic Ive been working on this winter. I need to finish the second sleeve so I can join it all together and then start the ragland shaping and the fold-over neck.

So I pulled out the v-neck sweater from the first stitch n bitch book that I started last year out of Rowan tapestry because I have finally unearthed the rest of that yarn (so it seems if I find something I lose something else). And I'm halfway through the second sleeve, so that I may be able to finish up pretty quick and sew together and actually wear while its still kind of cool. I guess I'll work on that tonight or the butterfly washcloth I started last night. I seem to be going to a lot of baby showers recently, so I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to have baby washcloths laying around. I gave my friend Molly 2 washcloths, the BeeBeep cloth and a sailboat and a cute little cottontots hat and baby lavendar bath for her baby shower on satruday. And today I gave the guy at our office who just adopted a baby boy 3 washcloths (frog, dragonfly, and ladybug) and baby lavendar bath. I was in such a knitting frenzy that I didn't manage to take pictures, but Molly is supposed to send me pictures of what I gave her.

Ok, I should really be working. But I'm sooooo sleepy!


shelley said...

Ew this time change bites. I'm barely awake (and I've already taken E to school).
Hate it when the gremlins come and hide patterns. Luckily I use a lot off Ravelry, so I can find it again. I just finished a slipped stitch rib scarf wtih a ruffle on each bottom (2 rows of decreasing at the beginning, and 2 rows of k f and b to increase at the end.) I also made a cashsoft cowl? that has some lace and some ribbing. It started out as all lace, but 1) I messed up the pattern and 2)it didn't seem like it would be warm enough
Today I need to weave in chemo cap ends. I think I have 3 or almost 4 for Carol.

Knit-O-Matic said...

I am totally trying to get some Chemo caps made for Carol and next week sometime I have at least one friend coming over to knit and we may do Chemo caps or try and have a Chemo cap night and then I'll just send them all to Carol once we have a decent stash.