Friday, March 14, 2008

Babies and forgetfullness

I went to 3 baby showers in less than a week and a half. The first one I really went to with my mom, so I gave her a blue washcloth with a sailboat on it to put with the present. The mom loved it, so that was fun.

The second was my awesome friend Molly's baby shower and its her third so I didn't do a blanket. Instead I did a tiny little hat in Cottontots and 2 washcloths (once sailboat, one BeeBeep) and paired that with some yummy lavendar bath.

The third was for a guy who I work with, his wife brought the baby up to work and we all had lunch. It was a totaly surprise to him, which was fun. Anyway, I went with an outdoor theme for that so I did 3 washcloths. One was a frog, one a dragonfly, and one a ladybug. :-) And since Molly was so happy with the lavendar bath and baby was I went back and got some more to put with the washcloths. :-)

But I totally forgot to take pictures of the stuff for the last 2. Molly said she would take some pictures of the stuff I gave her, so I'll at least have those at some point. But all the washcloths I made for the guy were patterns I had done before, so I guess its not a big deal.

Now I am working on an exchange purse that I hope to get done and felted and mailed off in a reasonable amount of time and a couple of presents for people with upcoming birthdays and such.

Between tax season and the theatre I really haven't had much time to knit lately. But this weekend I plan to sit myself down and relax with some yarn, some needles, my sweetie and a movie.

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