Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Road Trip and Brandi's Big Bad Baby Blanket

Isn't it pretty?  This is the Big Bad Baby Blanket out of the first Stitch N Bitch book except its HUGE and done in single row stripes of the creamy yellow cottontots (used single) and a fingering weight cream with a dk weight white terry clothish  yarn held together.  I did it on size 10 needles and I think it came out just perfect.  The texture of the finished product is awesome, and I'm really big on texture.
A last minute trip up to Illinois for the weekend had me running around going "what am I going to knit?!?!"  Well, this is my beautiful road-trip knitting sitting on the dash.  The blue thing is the second gaiter, all done.  The green is the beginning of a present that I actually don't need for a couple more months, but a head start can't hurt and it was easy car knitting that I didn't have to look at.
And, although not knitting related, this sunset was pretty as we were driving back.

I had thought about starting the summer shift from Speed Knitting while on the trip, if I finished up the present I was working on.  I came close, but didn't quite finish, probably because I napped.  Naps are good though.  So anyway, I cast on for that last night at knitting at my mom's and only got a couple rows done.  It should go pretty quick (hence the name of the book) if I can just get a chance to work on it.  I just needed a quick break from the monster-size project I've been working on the last month.

I guess I better go to work so I can support my yarn habit.

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shelley said...

How long was your trip to IL?
I'd like to say, "Ooh, cashmerino aran, my favorite!" I have some hanging around for a small throw for myself ;)
I've just been knitting hats (I got a skein of some hand-dyed blues artyarns at Eva's) and chemo caps (made, surprisingly of kitchen cotton..) And I started another single cable scarf from Oneskein.
I went to Wild Fiber in Santa Monica a few weeks ago and was bad, very bad. They had a sale, and I can't resist hand-dyed wool (or Noro) on sale....
Village Knittery is Really closing, or maybe has, and I have yet to get over there. The kids start back to school on Wed., (that's in 2 days, but who's counting), so maybe I'll get my butt over there and see if its still open. I do dread having to get the kids up early....