Monday, February 25, 2008

I have a good excuse

OK, so I didn't post for like a month. But I have a really, really good excuse. Here it is: I bought a house, painted the house, packed up my junk, moved it to the house, and am now unpacking in the house. Yay for house! Its pretty and its in Jenks and I love it! I painted my kitchen red. Bright red. I must knit some place mats to match either the red kitchen or the blue dishes. The guest bathroom is brown walls with navy and gold sun, moon, & stars stuff, so I must knit some chocolate brown and/or navy washcloths to put in there. The beautiful afghan that my knitting friends in Cali made me decorates the guest bed. :-) My room is tan with burgundy accents. I must knit some burgundy pillow covers for little accent pillows. So much to do! Well, I beter get back to work so I can pay for it all!


Shelley said...

did you say washcloths? I think you should let us knit you some for a housewarming =)
Congrats on the house. How far are you from work and from your parents'?

Knit-O-Matic said...

I did say washcloths! And of course I would accept any gifts of washcloths you wanted to send, but you all are in no way obligated to send anything. And I want you to know that the cloths everyone gave me as part of my going away present all have places of honor. There is a large stack in my bathroom near the shower so I can grab them easily, and some it the kitchen next to the sink so people can be envious of how I get to wash dishes with the coolest washcloths ever and some in the guest bathroom in a basket with miniature toiletries, in case you or anyone else decides to come visit!