Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Super Ski Trip

It was cold, but fresh powder every day made for excellent skiing. I'm the one all the way to the left in the picture, if you couldn't tell. We went to Wolf Creek, Colorado. And we drove there, so I had lots of knitting time in the car both going there and coming home as well as every evening in the cabin. I got lots of Christmas knitting done, but for fear that someone who has yet to receive their gifts might see, I will wait to post about it until after christmas. Now I need to spend lots of time tucking in ends. I get car sick, so I couldn't spend that much time looking down and focusing on tiny things, like weaving in ends, in the car. Simple knitting I can do because it doesn't require looking. I probably should have tucked in ends at the cabin, but I was obsessed with cranking the stuff out. But now I have to be careful about what I work on where so the recipient doesn't walk in and see. I may have to do some of the end tucking in at night on christmas eve when I have some alone time. Tonight I have a little felting to do, and I'm really excited about this one, can't wait to post all about it. I got 7 whole projects done on that trip, so I feel very accomplished. I tell you what though, as soon as christmas is over I am going to make myself something. Like maybe those fingerless gloves I bought the yarn for 2 years ago and haven't made yet. Ok, really it was only a year and a half, I think. Its sock yarn, so tiny needles, I'm sure it will take some time, but I have wanted them forever. The only fingerless gloves I've made so far were for my sister for graduation. I actually meant to make a friend of my some for christmas and totally forgot. Who knows, maybe while I am doing the family thing christmas eve I can whip out a pair really fast. Like maybe one of the patterns from one of the one skein wonders books. I have all 3. But now, time to work to earn the money to pay for the yarn.

Happy knitting and happy holidays to all! (oh, and by the way, I am very excited that some old friends here in town have decided to take up the craft and new addictions are forming. I can't wait to have some quality knitting time with all of them. And I super really a lot miss my So Cal girls.)

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shelley said...

7 projects done! Awesome! I wish you'd been here to knit with us. I did get a lace/chevron afghan done for Jess in Moods black/turquoise. http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/arctic/arctic.
html is the free pattern Elaine gave me. Finished the afghan for my step-mom of Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran. It was that striped cabled baby blanket pattern enlarged, in grays, purples and hot pink. It took about 20 balls of yarn.
I made my dad socks out of thick yarn-Tundra-and they went really fast, like 2 days. I'm almost finished with a pair for Rob, then I can start my brown/tan/pink ones =)Eva had 25% off for a few weeks in Dec., and I got quite a bit!

At Borders we had our gift exchange, and Carol ended up with the book Knitting Noro and some Noro (Kureyon) fingerless mittens I made with the easy flat one cable pattern. Then I made Cheryl some fingerless mittens from the Book of Yarn pattern for Maine Mtn. Mitts. So those had thumbs. Then, with the same pattern, I made myself a pair out of what turned out to be too wild Malabrigo.
After Christmas I finished up 2 more pairs of the flat pattern cabled fingerless mitts (OK I AM sick of fingerless mitts and am knitting some normal mittens now!) Last year I had made single fingerless mitts, so I just had to make 2 to get those 2 pairs-gave one to my sister. I made an icord strap and machine sewed some lining into a Noro tote from a pattern I got out of that $7 knitting book from Costco. That had been sitting around for ages. And tucked in ends on a gaiter I didn't finish in time for last winter. Finally, I figured out the decreases for the TyDy striped yarn I made a beanie out of (Eva had made one.) So I suddenly had a bunch of finished small projects. Of course my nephew and b-i-l want beanies, so I still have those to go. My bil has a head circ. of 25.75"!
Michaels had kroy socks 1/2 off, so I got enough for 3....and went to Anacapa and used a GC and some customer rewards $ to get some superwash wool-grey, black and purple for a hat, and some Decor (I know, I am laughing at myself)for Jess or me to make her some washable stuff (hat/mittens). She made one long ribbed scarf in a couple of days, and then picked up my Manos scarf that was mistake rib and worked on that. (She came to Borders the 2 Fridays of vacation.) Huh, I guess I haven't been spending all my time on Facebook sending Flair, LOL.