Monday, May 5, 2008

Trip, etc.

Well, my trip was a lot of fun and I waaaay overpacked project-wise because, as you may have expected, while I was out there I picked up even more yarn. I got some lovely sock yarn, including some of that awesome Noro sock yarn, and some cotton & silk, and even some plain cotton for a tank top and other stuff that is for gifts so I don't really want to spill it all right here. I really, really enjoyed seeing all of my Cali knitting friends while I was out there and I even managed to finish the socks I started a little over a year ago. :-) I love the socks, I will try and post pictures of them soon. And I felt so super-accomplished when I finished them. They weren't my first finished pair, but the first sock of the pair was my first sock ever. But halfway through the second I had stopped working on them and started pair of socks for Cameron and then after I finished those I never got back to finishing my pair. I just love watching the rows of tiny stitched stack up on socks. Anyway, i had to borrow a bag from Shelley just to get home because of all of the yarn and other stuff I bought. :-)

I'm on Ravelry now, by the way. My name, shockingly, is knit-o-matic. So friend me if you are so inclined.

Now its time to get puppy and myself ready for bed. Night!

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