Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day Mittens

mitten 1
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I made the mittens out of Speed Knitting, since I only started 2 weeks before Valentine's Day and I figured I didn't have a ton of time I used the same alpaca that his hat and scarf are made out of. Its soooo soft and its not like mittens in Tulsa need to be appropriate for the arctic tundra, they just need to be a little warm and pretty cozy. I followd the pattern pretty exactly, but the mittens came out a little shorter than I was hoping for. Ben doesn't have big hands, but he does have long fingers and the gloves fit my hands just a bit too well. I gave them to him anyway and they are pretty snug but should still fulfill the warm and snuggly aspects. And perhaps they will even stretch out a bit. I've thought about getting them wet and stretching them over something to block them, but I can't figure what i have to stretch them over. Oh well. He seemed to like them and I'm not sure that there is that much mitten wearing season left in Tulsa this year. Perhaps next year I'll make him another, non-alpaca, more practical pair.

I took a bit of time off and worked on fingerless gloves for myself, still working on the first one, but then I realized I have more last minute gifts to make so this week I have been working on washcloths for my godsister's kids for their birthday (party on saturday so I have to hurry up) and then I was reminded of a couple other last minute things I need to do. So much for my after christmas knit for myself for a while plan. :-P

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