Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh the Places You'll Knit

I finished my skinny scarf exchange scarf last night between periods at a Tulsa Oilers hockey game. My friend Molly and I went and it was a good game, even though they lost. (It went back and forth the whole time) And some of the hockey players were pretty cute (we sat down near the ice, just to the side of the penalty box so we got a good look at a couple of the fiestier ones they locked up ;-) ) So anyway, I can't post a picture of the scarf until after I've sent it to Stacey, my exchange partner, but I will post it eventually.

I can't find the whole bag of yarn I got to make christmas presents with. Elaine, Shelley, Emily, and Cheryl might remember that HUGE bag of goodies I bought just before I moved. All of it I found 50% off. And it was really nice stuff, angoras and rayons, ribbons, cottons, and silks. Its gotta be somewhere in storage, the question is where. I bet it got packed in the top of a box as "soft stuff" to protect or cushion whatever was under it. So I may not find it in time for Christmas unless I spend a whole day reorganizing the storage unit. This means I need to revise my christmas knitting list. And I'm also starting about 3 or 4 months later than I usually start on my christmas knitting so I may be doing a little more actual shopping this year.

So here's my blog question of the day (no, I will not start having one every day. Don't get smart-aleck with me.): Where are you on your Christmas knitting? How many projects are on your list and how many have you finished?


shelley said...

My problem is I keep knitting one thing, for say, my friend Linda, and then I see something else to knit for her....
So I have done: first not-so-skinny scarf that I kept.
One hat out of Noro cash island (so soft!) and handwarmers from the Boku (both for Roseann in No. Cal.)
I plan to knit another hat or 3, and finish the cable embrace scarf ~about 3" done.
2 Frog DC's for Tyler's teacher, not started.
Green socks for my sister Amy, CO today.
Gingerbread dc to go with gbread man on a rope, not started, no pattern! Maybe for my nephew.
Christmas stocking for baby Rachel, unstarted.
Christmas stocking for her mom, cousin Mary, finished last nite! It's the intarsia Santa that took for-freakin'-ever.
Sheesh, I gotta go knit.
PS new pix on the TOchicks page

Stacy said...

Hi Somer,
I finally came to visit your site again and I am so jealous of all of the wonderful projects you have knitted up! My Christmas knitting list was long, but I chose to knit up all dishcloths and facecloths and a scarf for my SIL. I have everything finished and labeled with cute care tags that I designed except for that scarf. It needs the ends tucked in and blocked. Now I just need to get my sewn gifts done in time! Good luck on getting your gifts knitted, though it looks like you are a fast knitter and will get a lot of projects done by then!