Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting new friends used to old ideas or old friends used to new ideas

In California most people who knew me also knew I was an obsessive knitter. They had all grown accustomed to the fact that I usually had some knitting either on my person or very close by and that I would pull it out without hesitation at just any old time. Sometimes they would laugh, or they would shake their heads, but mostly they were used to it. All the guys from work would give me crap for it, but that was mostly for show (yeah, I can see right through you guys). And it also made it easier that I had surrounded myself with a core of knitters almost as completely obsessed as I am.

Here in Tulsa I am back to explaining that always having knitting on me is "just what i do." Just because I am knitting doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. When I am out and about with non-knitters I usually work on things I don't even have to look down at. So it doesn't mean I'm bored, doesn't mean I'm not interested, it just means my hands thought that they had better use for their time than sitting there doing nothing. And while I have joined some wonderful knitting groups and have a few other friends here in town who knit occasionally, I have not found that core group of truly obsessed knitters who will knit where ever they go, be it solo or in packs. My mom comes the closest to being obsessed, so maybe its hereditary.

But just because I have to explain it and just because I'm on my own doing it doesn't mean I will stop. So if you happen to be at a Tulsa Oilers game this season or sitting around Mc Nellie's or El Guapo's and you wonder about that girl over there, knitting away, thats probably me and you're probably not the only one wondering. And I'm ok with that.


Anonymous said...

Obsessive knitters unite! Beautiful baby dress pics and car pics. Happy holidays!

Elaine :o)

Anonymous said...

Look at all those people wasting time. Idle hands are the devil's playground. Rock the obsession! =)Shelley

Lara said...

Well said.