Saturday, March 12, 2011

Joining the party!

I just spent forever going through old photos to pic something out for the Saturday Snapshot link up party with Yellow Songbird.   The idea is to pick out a pic, however old and post all about it then link up over on her blog.  I decided to go back to 2003.

This is me and my friend Becca, about to embark on an adventure to LA to go see some show.  Gee, Becca, do you even remember what we were going to see?  Doesn't really matter, cause we were pretty. That black dress is Becca's, but I should have stolen it (loved it soooo much!).  In this picture we were both making kissy faces at the camera.  Becca had lots more hair back then!  You can find the awesome Miss Becca as she is now here.  (Hopefully she doesn't mind me linking her.)

So, there you are.  Happy Saturday!  Enjoy the party!


Sandy a la Mode said...

hahah LOVE it!! looks like you girls were having a fun time!!

stephanie said...

you two look like you have a blast together! best friends are the greatest!

Holly said...

You girls looked so adorable! Gotta love good times with girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was a GREAT night.

I should send you the dress--I don't wear it anymore,
and it looked like a million bucks on you.

We were going to at the Ahmanson?

I miss you oodles, girl.

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

too funny :)
{stopping by from the party!}