Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things that make you go awwww.

Ben and I are of an age where are friends are having kids left and right, almost so fast its hard to keep up with.  But it makes it easy to find the inspiration to create adorable little baby things.  One of the most adorable things in the world is a dressed up baby girl.  (Maybe I only think this because I am girly)  And an old fashioned dressed up little girl is even more adorable.

I decided to make a bonnet, an adorable old fashioned look with modern colors.  Its a basic little shape with eyelets to weave the lace in and out of.
This one is a bright deep pink with pretty mustard yellow lace for the ties.  
The yarn is a cotton blend so it will keep baby protected from the sun but not be too hot for spring.  I really love this yarn because it washes and wears well.  It is a cotton acrylic blend and the acrylic helps it hold its shape but the cotton is cool and soft.  
The hat stands my sister sent me for my birthday came in very handy for this.  The outdoor shot show the color the best.  
I love how is came out and I am almost done with a grape colored bonnet and I can't decide what color lace I want to put with it.  I am thinking either a pale pink or pale blue with the grape yarn.
I mean, seriously, can you imagine that around a little round smiling baby face?  Awww.
Listed here in my shop.

Other things that make me go awww:
Sleepy puppy-faces all curled up under the blankie.



Briana Shepley said...

The puppy pic def made me go ahh :)

And yes, I'd love flea market company! After checking out my calendar though, it looks like it will be either the 18th or April before I have a free Saturday to go! Maybe I can organize a group to go....hmm...

Sandy a la Mode said...

love the hat with the ribbon through it! and i totally just said AWWWWWW!

Amanda K said...

Super cute! I think blue would be nice with grape, but I also always love a purple/green combination. Also purple/red.

Patchie said...

Oh man, I'm in the same boat with friends popping out babies! I'm currently being over ambitious and trying to finish a baby blanket by April.